10 Ways To Improve The Shipping Experience Of Your Customers

Shipping is one of the most integral parts of your order fulfillment. It can make or break your impression on the client. Therefore it becomes very important that you provide your customer with the quality shipment.

Here are the top 10 ways to improve it:

1. FREE SHIPPING: No one wants to pay for shipping. One way to lure your customers is to give free shipping. You can keep a threshold above which you will provide free shipping. This way you will be able to increase your sales and at the same time, give free shipping.
2. REGULAR UPDATES: Customers are eager to know where their product is. You can regularly update your customers about the shipment. Moreover, in case if the product is delayed, they will be able to understand where it is.
3. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Different customers prefer different payment options. Your work is to give as many options as is reasonably possible. This way you will be able to lure every generation of customers.
4. FASTER PROCESSING OF UNDELIVERED ORDERS: There can be times that the customer is not available in the location specified. In such cases, your work is to reattempt delivery. This shows that you care for your customers.
5. ESTIMATED DATE OF DELIVERY: You must provide an estimated date of delivery. This way you would be able to keep the customer engaged. Moreover, you should try to complete the delivery before the specified date. You should only use the best shipping system for online businesses.
6. RETURN POLICY: Sometimes the customer doesn’t like the product delivered. In such cases, you should show a customer-centric approach. You should provide return policy. Moreover, they should not be asked to pay for the return.
7. TRACKING PAGE: You should build a well-segregated tracking page. It should be appealing to the user as well as easy to use. Customers would be able to track their shipment. You can also include the contact details of your support team. Everyone is eager to when they will get their product.
8. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: You should invest in quality customer support. There are times when the customer is not able to find information on your website, in such circumstances they can dial the customer support and get their doubt resolved. Remember to keep your customer support experience of very high standards.
9. TIME SLOTS: You have customers of various age groups. Some are old-retired persons, some are a school, college-going students, and some are working professionals. In such cases, your work is to provide many different time slots for the fulfillment of the order.
10. DELIVERY OPTIONS: There is way too much competition in the market. If you do not improve your shipping experience by providing many different delivery options, your customer would be forced to go somewhere else. This is the reason why you should use only the best shipping software for eCommerce.

If you bring these tips to action, you would be able to make your customers satisfied with your shipping experience.

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