6 Ways to Protect Your Family’s Teeth

The best decision that you can make for your family is ensuring that you find the right family dentist. Your mouth is an essential part of your wellbeing as a whole, it is how most people ingest both food, hydration, and medicines. If there is even a slight pain in your mouth, you know how hard it is to get through the day as normal, as pain in the head is difficult to ignore.

Oral Health

Oral health is extremely critical. In addition to providing a better smile, oral hygiene decreases the chances of acute diseases. It is a vital component of the overall health and wellbeing of the family. For example, visiting a brilliant cosmetic dentist in Katy, Texas, not only will it help keep your mouth and teeth clean, but it will help keep your body healthy.

When you have a family, you should always try to lead by example, even if you’ve not always had the best intentions when it comes to your oral health. Perhaps you never took the warnings about your loose teeth seriously, and have had to have dentures earlier than you’d like, or maybe you had braces later in adulthood so you had that perfect smile for a special occasion – because you didn’t want to face it when you were younger.

The important thing is to be honest with your kids about this, and explain why you want them to be better than you were – depending on their age and level of understanding of course.

1. Daily Dental Hygiene

While most of us know that we should brush and floss twice a day, many of us can fall into bad habits; whether this is through mental health conditions, or the busyness of life making us forget, our oral hygiene is often the first thing that slips our mind. If this happens, do not beat yourself up about it, you are not the only one who has forgotten about it. Just remember to clean your teeth as soon as you think about it.Do not forget to rinse with mouthwash as well!

As well as the daily care for your mouth, you should see a dental hygienist once every six months to get a professional clean, which will help you to keep on top of your daily routine.

2. Seal the cavities

Approximately 95% of adults have cavities in their molars due to poor oral care. At around sixyears of age, our permanent molars (back teeth) start pushing through. As these molars have greater nooks, they are also more likely prone to cavities, as the food will stay in those grooves if the teeth are not brushed properly. Not every brush has the bristles that can properly reach and remove these food particles.

Sealants are made from plastic painted on to the molar and premolar chewing surfaces, to protect the tooth from bacteria that could eat away the enamel, or even cause an infection in the tooth. Please ask during your next visit, or make an appointment, when you feel that you can benefit from sealants.

3. Maintain Good Nutrition

Good health is always preceded by what you eat – as it affects your entire body. There are some foods that will be better for your health, and your oral health, and some that will be more detrimental, like too much sugary and acidic foods, as these wear away at the enamel. While you might not have picked up the best habits, it’s important that you try to encourage your children to do better – particularly if you have not always had the best oral health.

4. Use Enough Fluoride

Fluoride helps to avoid tooth decay by making our teeth resistant to bacteria and acids. Fluoride can be present in toothpaste, mouthwash, water, and many of our foodstuffs, including dairy products and meat. Additional fluoride treatments can help those who have weaker teeth and gum problems, as it can help to strengthen them and prevent further issues in both adults and children.

5. Get a family Dentist

If you are the same as most people, you might have been confused about life without having to visit the dentist regularly, and you know the price. It is often an error to wait for oral health conditions to improve since they cause pain, discomfort, and typically have a lot to deal with. You would not want your children now that you have started a family to do the same. The best option for your family is getting a family dentist.

The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Treatment is the best solution for prevention. Dentists are trained for patients all ages. Children still need special attention because their teeth continue to be formed. The dentist can teach you preventive practices that always maintain your oral health. If one of your children needs alignments at one stage, it would be best done at a young age. You and your family can avoid cavities, gum diseases, and other problems that could grow in the longer term by daily dental brushing or flossing.

Having a family dentist is important because you will have someone who knows your family medical history, and they will be aware of potential issues that your children may have. Consistency is important for children, so if they get to see the same dentist as you do, they will feel much more comfortable, and will not be scared about visiting the dentist’s office.

6. Start Prevention of Tooth Decay early

Around 25% of children develop signs of tooth decay before they even start school. And 50% of all children aged 12 to 15 years have cavities. Your kid’s dental hygiene should start when their first teeth emerge, usually approximately six to nine months. One trick is to wipe their teeth with a soft baby toothbrush or a damp rag. You can always schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to learn how to best deal with any teething issues that your toddler might be going through. Cooled teething rings are popular, as you can put them in the fridge, or freezer, for a short time, and they will help to sooth any pain and inflammation of the gums as your little one’s teeth poke through.