Adopt Don’t Shop: Why You Should Consider Adopting a Dog

When you consider getting a dog, a lot of people brush past the idea of adoption and don’t give it a second thought. People often assume that adopted dogs are misbehaved or that it will be more difficult to integrate them into your family. This is not true at all; in fact, adopting a dog comes with many benefits. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should get a dog, have a read through this article and consider adopting rather than buying.

Adopting Dogs Can Save Their Lives

The main reason why you should adopt a dog rather than buy one is because adoption can save lives, which should be a great incentive in itself. It makes no sense to buy another dog when there are so many out there that require homes. The sad truth is that when dogs don’t have homes, shelters often do not have the capacity to look after them, so many of them end up being put down undeservingly. If you are passionate about animals and animal welfare, why not consider giving a home to a dog in need?

Military dogs are dogs that have served in the military in the past but now have gotten a bit old to do their duty. When military dogs ‘retire’, there is often nowhere for them to go. Here’s a blog post on adopting military dogs, which could definitely be an option for you if this is the pathway you are considering.

You Will Not Be Contributing to Dog Breeding

Another great reason to adopt a dog rather than buy a dog is to make sure you aren’t contributing to dog breeding, which is quite a problem and causes many issues. Firstly, it is arguably immoral that so many dogs are being bred for profit when there are many dogs that cannot be housed. As well as this, dog breeders often do not have their best interests at heart, so you want to be sure before you are putting cash in their hands.

Being bred is often very bad for dogs, since they are filtering out certain characteristics to make sure the dog is a purebred. This means that the dog often doesn’t have much resilience and can get ill far more easily.

You Will Save Some Money

Dog breeding is done for one purpose, which is to make a profit. When dogs are purebred, they are often sold at extortionate prices. If you are paying for this, you will be directly funding the breeders, which will also mean that you are losing out on a lot of cash. Adopting a dog does not come with the same cost – you are both saving money and a life, so which one would you prefer?

All dogs deserve homes, particularly those that may have been neglected or mistreated during their lifetime. If you want to do a good deed and help improve an animal’s life, boycott buying and start adopting!