Clutch Purses Can Escalate The Style Quotient

Purses and handbags are very much staple to everyone these days. In fact, it is necessary to keep a series of large handbags and small purses in everyone’s accessory box.

But clutch bags are something which is for of a style accessory that one can possess. They are available in different styles and one can even add handmade clutch bags to their collection. According to fashion experts, the most expensive variation is known as the evening clutch and it is a kind of a curated one to add to the bag collection.

Here are some major varieties of clutch bags that one can look for:

 The Classic Clutch Bag

As it has been mentioned above, there are endless variations of clutch bags. But one must never forget the classic ones. They are rectangular shaped clutches that comes with detachable straps. One can use that for any and every occasion because they are available in different designs and materials. As per popular choices, they are mostly made in silk or some cloth sewn to the metal frame.

The Envelope Clutch Purse

As the name says, this variation of clutch bag indeed looks like an envelope. The material with which this clutch bag is made is very rigid so that the purse stays in shape. They are available in different colours and sizes. One can carry an envelope clutch bag to an evening party or a wedding occasion to make a style statement so that it can make one stand out.

The Day Clutch Bag

This is almost similar to the classic variation but in size, these purses are slightly bigger. They are more fitted to be carried to the work place because one can fit in some more things inside it. These clutch bags mostly have interior pockets and they can also fit inside a bigger bag. Though they are not too big but one can easily carry them on day outings if they have a few works to do. They are useful that way.

The Box Clutch Purse

It is a structured variation of the clutch and they are mostly box in shape. These clutches are mostly bejewelled and they are perfect to fit in for a night out. They are available in different colours and different shapes as well.

The Clutch Bag for Men

This looks more like a portfolio bag. They are big enough so that one can put a tablet inside it. Apart from that, one can also fit in the everyday essentials in that bag. They are neither too big nor too small and so if one wants to carry a backpack or another big bag, it can comfortably fit inside it as well. Though mostly these bags are mistaken as laptop sleeves, they are not the same thing.

One can look for handmade clutches online if they want to buy one. They are mostly simple yet attractive in design. Some are bright and vibrant which can escalate the outfit that one is wearing. One can add a few varieties to their wardrobe to mix and match.