Creative Ways to Use Your Makeup Longer

If you can’t imagine your morning routine without foundation, lipstick, and other beauty products, then you likely know the frustration of running low on any one of those items. If it feels like you always need to stock up on something, then these tips to help you get a longer lifespan out of your favorite things is sure to help you! From a Sephora discount to storing makeup somewhere other than the bathroom counter, the ideas below are sure to be useful.

Use Your Lipstick a Few More Times

When you see the tube of red lipstick is almost out, don’t worry, you can get more uses out of it with this easy tip. Simply grab a Q-tip and swab the tube with it. Not only will you be able to get the last bit out, but it is also a cleaner method than using your finger.

Gently Clean Your Brushes

You’ve likely noticed at least one of your brushes losing its bristles. Or maybe you toss them out when they look dirty. To extend the life of the blush and eyeshadow brushes you use daily, so you won’t have to spend money replacing them, consider getting a quality brush cleaner.

Another option is to use shampoo to clean makeup brushes carefully. Then rinse them with tap water and squeeze out the excess water. Finally, lay them on a soft cloth or paper towel to air dry.

Buy Quality Products

Choose long-lasting formulas from trusted brands that are made well to ensure that your makeup items last rather than dry up or expire before you’ve used them up. Get your beauty essentials for less by going online for a Sephora promo code. Look out for any active coupons that can save you money, which helps you stay within your monthly budget.

Take Makeup Off of the Bathroom Counter

Many women keep bronzer and other beauty must-haves on the bathroom counter, which makes sense as they’re conveniently within reach when you want to refresh your face halfway through the day.

The problem is that showering creates steam and heat in the bathroom that can weaken active ingredients in products, shortening their lifespan. Instead, store them in a location with a constant temperature and put certain ones in the fridge to preserve them even longer.

Recognizing When to Toss Beauty Products

While this guide is all about clever ways to take your makeup essentials farther, it’s also important to know when to toss them. Using makeup beyond their expiration dates can lead to acne and other skin issues because of accumulated bacteria.

The expiration date starts the first time you open the product, whether you got it with a discount or not. If you’re unsure whether something is still okay to use or not, give it the smell test. If it has a funky odor or the consistency has changed, then it’s time to toss it.

Final Words on Extending the Life of Your Makeup

Your makeup is one of your most personal items and something you cannot imagine being without. To help you save money, and still enjoy quality items, use a coupon code and other creative methods described above. Enjoy your day, beautiful!