Delicious & Healthy Turmeric Recipes

Turmeric is known for various health benefits and has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. It is a mood booster and potent anti-inflammatory. Also it can have a positive impact on your weight, can reduce brain diseases risk or cancer risk.This is the reason why most of the people also use curcumin tablets to get its benefits.If you want to use it as often then below are some ways to incorporate this spice into your diet.

Turmeric Smoothie

Do you want to know the delicious way to fight cold and flu? Berry turmeric smoothie is what you need. This smoothie is made with cold fighting foods such as ginger, turmeric, greens, and blueberries. Overall, this nutrient rich smoothie is a perfect way to kick start your mornings and lift your immune system.

Make this recipe you need ¾ cup of milk of your choice, 2 cups of baby spinach, ½ cup of nonfat plain greek yogurt, 3 tbsp of rolled oats, 11/2 cups of frozen mixed berries, ½ tbsp of turmeric powder, ¼ tbsp of ginger powder and 2 to 3 tbsp of honey.

Preparation Method

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender in the order listed: milk, spinach, yogurt, rolled oats, berries, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and honey.
  • You can put the honey as per your requirement. Blend it until smooth and enjoy.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is loaded with antioxidants, and it can help in reducing inflammation, joint pain, brain, and memory function and much more. The best season to have this milk is fall, spring, and winter.

To make this you need ½ tbsp of turmeric, ¼ tbsp of cardamom powder or 1 cardamom, 1 clove, ¾ cup of milk, ½ cup of water and raw cane sugar or date sugar as per your taste

Preparation Method

  • Take a stainless steel pot, put all ingredients, mix them and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat.
  • Reduce the temperature and let it simmer for at least 15 minutes or until you get 1 cup of liquid.
  • Now strain the cloves before serving. Enjoy it.

Turmeric Lemonade

Best turmeric lemonade is a potent concoction which is subtly earthy, spicy, and sweet and is used in ayurvedic medicine. It can be served chilled or at room temperature during summer and warm in winter. Ingredients you need for this recipe are: 1 tbsp of grated ginger, 2 tbsps of grated turmeric root or 1 tbsp turmeric powder, 3 cups boiling water, pinch of salt to taste, 2 tbsp raw honey, ¼ cup and 2 tbsps of lemon juice, and ¼ cup of fresh orange juice.

Preparation Method

  • Put the ginger and turmeric in a pot, add the boiling water and salt, and let it steep, uncovered, for about 10 minutes.
  • Now add the honey to the mixture and stir until it gets dissolved. Strain the mixture into another jar and let it cool.
  • Put in the orange and lemon juices. You can also adjust the amount of lemon, honey and orange juice as per your taste. Serve the turmeric lemonade at room temperature or it in the fridge and serve it chilled. If you want to serve it hot pour 1/2 cup in a mug and top it off with the boiling water.
  • The turmeric lemonade can be kept for a week in a closed container.

So, these were some delicious turmeric recipes that are easy to prepare and are healthy. If you know any other turmeric recipes feel free to share with us in the comments section below.