Do I Have to Choose a Template for My Website Design?

A template is a set of limited functionalities, which let the designers use them directly and create the web pages automatically. It can give the places to incorporate the content, videos, and pictures on the web pages.

It is the best option to select if you are in one of the following scenarios:

  1. Less time for Website creation: Between planning, coding, and pulling together the required content of different web pages, building a fresh website can take a few months. A template is a method that does not require a broad plan or coding. All you’ll do is to include in the valuable content, which suggests that an updated version of the website can be published on a later stage.
  2. Limited Finances: Hiring a team for website development is a heavy load on funds. Initially, using a pre-defined design with limited options is a better choice to save money on website planning.
  3. Simpler website: Simple websites without advanced features, a template can satisfy all the conditions if you are planning a new website for the business. If the number of web pages is limited, then templates are the best choice.
  4. No coding: With a format, no need to change the CSS code. All the code is already written in the template and if that is not altered, it will fulfill all the requirements.

Types of templates which you can choose according to the requirements:

  1. Mobile Responsive: Even after the advancement in technology, still unresponsive templates are available online to use in website design packages . The more costly, highly designed formats are created to be responsive, but it’s critical to create and the layout has this capability and does it well. You can check if the template is responsive or not by using the online websites.
  2. E-commerce: Every product or service-based organization wants to mark its presence on the online platform. In the event that you need an e-commerce site, the features are constrained in format templates. Including e-commerce and other sorts of custom, applications are difficult or incomprehensible in format templates. In case, the business is entirely dependent on the website for sales, and you need a completely working e-Commerce website, do not use the templates.
  3. Design Options:
    1. Content width: Major templates offer templates with two types of content width:
    2. Full width: Any image or content can be stretched to maximum screen length on the desktop or on the mobile device.
  • Box-Width: It has a limited frame on the left and right sides of the screen.
  1. Header Options: It mainly contains the numerous options to choose including a slider for the images or videos, a single video or multiple video playing.

Factors to consider while selecting a template:

Layout and Design:

The format and plan to decide how the data will be organized after you make a web site. There are five key design and convenience focuses to consider when it comes to choosing the proper site layout:

  1. content width design
  2. header layout
  • navigation design
  1. logo placement
  2. the overall usability and user experience

Type of Website:

The website format decides the site’s structure, capacities, and how it’ll show. Check whether you are going to building a basic one-page site or to include a few pages which incorporate displays, maps, or recordings. You ought to moreover be beyond any doubt your industry and your specialty to select the suitable template format. An accounting website will not work on the templates design for photographers.

Features and Customization:

Most cutting-edge site layouts permit for a few levels of customization to mix in along with the existing website. The customization alternatives extend from color and text style choice and including the company emblem all the way to including interactive media and making a custom layout. Templates offer numerous features that could be industry-specific or for a specific field.

Keep the required features of a template and remove all the unwanted options from the interface.

Budget and Customer Support: 

Many websites claim that it is easy to use and upgrade or adding new options, but to have a supportive team whether on-call or emails is required in case the website designer stuck in any problem. Online chat option is provided by most of the template provider websites.

Cost is the major component and always compare similar templates on various websites to get the best deal. Keep the cost low is a major goal of using the template.

Customer support is required to get the answers to how advanced features can be used and to report the bugs and issues faced by the customers.

By using the templates, a business can focus more on the major functions of business rather than spending hours on creating a website. Get a template that has an attractive design, usability and all the other features a company needs.

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