Experience The Adventures Of The Maldives With A Super Yacht Charter

If you are in search of relaxing on the warm turquoise waters in the remote island of Maldives, then you are at the right place today! You will get to see jungle-covered mountains islands, and there will be many opportunities for you to explore these islands from inside and outside. So do not forget to experience the warm and clear waters along with the rich marine life.

The low-lying coral atolls of Maldives are the perfect place for you to snorkel and dive! Adventure and thriller lovers will enjoy visiting this place because they will find the best spots for surfing in the world in the Maldives. Maldives luxury surf charter is the place for you to be a diving and surfing lover.

In this article, we are going to discuss the experience of adventures and Maldives with superyacht charter.

Winter Yachts

If you are looking forward to a vacation in the Maldives, then there is a selection of yachts available to charter during the winter season. You can contact your burgees broker if you want to get your hands on a customized piece in this regard.

Moonlight II

In the yacht, you will get 18 cabins for the guests, and it has a length of 91 meters. It was built in 2005 and repeated in 2015, which is precisely ten years later. It will cost you around 650 K euros to vacation in this luxury superyacht in Maldives warm waters.

Talisman C

If you are looking forward to spending your time and vacation in this luxury superyacht, it will cost you 567K US dollars. It has a length of 7.5 meters, and there is space of 12 guests in 6 cabins in this luxury superyacht. It was built in 2011.


MYSKY luxury super yacht experience will cost you are around 259K US dollars. It has a length of 51 meters, and there is a space for ten guests in 5 cabins. Twelve guests can also enjoy and relax in the superyachts easily, and it was built in 2014.


It has a length of 50 meters, and 12 guests can easily relax inside the superyacht five-cabin available in this yacht. It was built in 2010, and if you are looking forward to spending your vacation in these luxury superyachts in the Maldives, it will cost you around 245k US dollars.

Silver Dream

It will cost you 140K US dollars to spend and enjoy your vacation in this luxury superyacht and the warm waters of Maldives remote Islands. It has a length of 44 meters, and ten guests can relax in the superyacht in 5 cabins which are available at it. It was built in 2001, and if you are looking for something that costs a bit less, this will be the right option for you in this regard.


Every charter yacht available in the fleet of burgess is incredible with aspects of interior design and onboard facilities. Every superyacht is inspected beforehand to ensure that you find your ideal match for your perfect and luxurious location in Maldives remote islands.stop