Food on train- pros and cons

Travelling somewhere and don’t know where to eat? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Whether you are travelling by a train, you can now easily order your food online. It will be delivered to you in the right time after you board the train. You just need to mention your seat number, PNR details, which train you are travelling to etc. You will find a pantry car in almost all the best trains that runs throughout the country.

What is a pantry car? A pantry car is a coach that is exclusively built in the rail to serve food to all the passengers. The food for train journey that is made here is cooked and packed well. They are also kept warm until it is delivered to the passengers in the right time. But do not confuse pantry cars with restaurant cars where you can have your food of your own choice leisurely.

Although the food that is served in the train or rather these pantry cars are helpful during the train journey, but they have some disadvantages as well. Here, you will come to know mainly about the advantages and disadvantages of the pantry cars built in the trains.


  1. Food is delivered on time- This is one of the biggest advantage of the pantry cars available in the trains. Whenever you order your food, you get it delivered to your seat in the right time. You can even order your food even before boarding the train.
  2. No shortage of food- If your train has a pantry car, then you will have food available inside the train which you can order anytime. You will find the attendants continuously moving inside your train serving breakfast, lunch or dinner to all the passengers while taking orders on their way too. You don’t even have to carry food from home since it is already available in the train.
  3. Delivering necessities- It is always better to buy things like water bottles, cold drinks, cans or bottles of fruit juice, biscuits, cakes, chips or other snacking items like vadas, cutlets, samosas, pakoras, bhajis etc., from the attendants of the pantry cars instead of buying them from outside hawkers.


  1. Availability- You may not find a pantry car in every train that you travel. So, in that case you may have to carry food from home or buy from outside vendors which might not be hygienic.
  2. Limited menu- You may not get to order food of your choice every time. The pantry car of the train may have a limited menu which is mostly fixed. You have to order as per their menu rather than your choice. Their breakfast, lunch or dinner menu is mostly fixed. It remains the same every day. But there are quite a few trains that may have more items in their menu. So, that will let you order food as per your choice.

However, you have to remain extremely careful about the hygienic condition of the food available.