Four Great Reasons to Adopt a Dog

If you do not have a dog of your own, then adopting one is likely a thought you have entertained in the past.

If you have spent time with a dog that belongs to a friend or family member, then this will naturally have prompted you to dream about having your very own canine companion.

Although adopting a dog can be hard work at first as you adjust to the change, it is a fantastic choice for so many reasons. Read on to discover just four of them!

  1. Bring Happiness into Your Home

To adopt a dog is to bring happiness into your home.

Spending time with dogs has been scientifically proven to enhance feelings of happiness as levels of dopamine and serotonin increase in the brain.

You can experience this for yourself by spending just ten minutes playing with a dog or even just stroking and cuddling one. You will notice that afterward, you feel calmer and more relaxed.

  1. Boost Your Child’s Immune System

There is evidence to show that children who grow up alongside a dog have better immune systems. This is largely attributed to how animals introduce different bacteria into the home, which increases the bacterial diversity of the child.

Studies have also shown that dogs can help to prevent childhood asthma and certain skin conditions.

  1. No Excuse Not to Get Active

If you have a dog, then you absolutely must go on walks together. This can be one long walk during the day or several shorter walks. If you do not do this, then your dog is going to become unhappy and unhealthy, and that’s certainly not what you want for your new furry friend.

These bursts of activity can be great for helping you to maintain a healthy weight and to keep your body mobile and active.

When you are out walking your dog, then it is important that you both stay safe. If your dog experiences any kind of injury while out exercising, then this could require the attention of a vet. If you live in Virginia, then you may want to check out a Midlothian vet, or you can search online to find one that is local to you.

  1. Feel Secure at Home

As well as making great companions, dogs can also act as security guards for your home. This will obviously depend on the breed of dog that you have, and generally, the bigger, the better when it comes to home security.

Even a small dog is likely to bark and defend your home should an intruder arrive, and this can be a great deterrent against this type of crime.

If you live alone,then having any kind of dog around can help you to feel safe,and havingattention from an animal can be very comforting.

Adopting a Dog

Once you have made the decision to adopt a dog, you can head to your nearest rescue shelter to make your dog dreams a reality!

Adopting a dog from a shelter instead of buying one from a breeder is a wonderful way to give an animal a second chance at life.