Give Your Guestroom a 5-Star Facility Look

No one likes uninvited guests, but as a good host, it is your responsibility to ensure they have a pleasant stay, irrespective of whether you invited them or not. The best way to handle surprise guest visits is by prepping your guest room right from the beginning. Elements like a comfortable loveseat, fluffed pillows, well-arranged essentials in the wardrobe, etc., do make an impact, but to give your guests the feeling of staying in a 5-star facility, you have to do something more. If you want to give your staying guests the best-staying experience, implement the following:

  1. Hang a Full-Length Mirror

Everyone has to dress up appropriately, especially when they stay as guests in one of their acquaintance’s houses. You will mostly find small-sized traditional mirrors in guest rooms that are a bit inconvenient if one wants to get a glimpse full appearance after dressing up. If guests keep visiting your house, you should install one full-length mirror for their convenience. A great benefit of placing a full-length mirror is it makes the room look bigger. For maximum impact, place the full-length mirror beside a window that facilitates natural light.

  1. Add a Mini-Bar

If you have a spacious room and love delighting your guests, adding a mini bar in your guestroom will be an amazing idea. If the room has a vibrant TV cabinet design, try to make an impressive space near it for a mini-bar by hiring professionals. Once done, place a mini-fridge, classy glasses, jar, and other essentials. Your guests wouldn’t be anticipating a mini-bar in their room, and this experience will surely leave them impressed. It is a bit expensive, but the result will be worth the investment.

  1. Make a Statement with Classic Elements

Your guest room should be as stylish and well-decorated as all other rooms in your house. The guest room’s décor will convey your personality and style preference to your guests, so be mindful of the décor elements you incorporate in your guestroom’s setup. For example, instead of using a simple headboard, choose a statement headboard with a unique design. Also, install some beautiful wall art, built-in lighting, sophisticated furniture, etc., for a stunning result.

  1. Follow the Minimalism Approach

Love the clean, tidy, and well-organized hotel rooms? Well, most of these rooms follow the minimalism principle as it gives the space a streamlined look. To take things a notch higher, paint the room walls with darker tones and install beautiful sconces beside the bed. It will create a cozy and warm ambiance, giving your room a fresh vibe.

  1. Keep Some Interesting Books

While aesthetics always catch the eyes, it is thoughtful to arrange something for your guest’s leisure time. You can keep some bestselling books from different genres and place them on a beautiful bookshelf for your guests to read. Having books from different genres ensures every guest finds something interesting to read, based on their interest.

You have to implement the tips shared above to witness the impressive results it can give. Once done, get ready to be showered with compliments by all your staying guests.