How can we Make Gift Boxes out of Cardboard Material?

On the events of birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, Easter and new years, the concept of giving gift is natural. The exchange or the giving of gifts to people shows the love and affection for that particular someone. One of the most important reasons to present the people with gifts is to make them feel special.
Since some time ago, there has been increase in the problem of global warming. The use of extensive plastic was on the increase and actions were needed to be taken. Therefore, after increasing strikes and protests against the non-biodegradable elements such as plastics, the use of cardboards, corrugated sheets and the Kraft sheets arose as the substitutes of plastics in order to prevent the global warming and the issues of pollutions.

There are many several reasons for the use of Cardboard Boxes as a substitute of plastic boxes and showcase as the gift boxes. The reusability of this material is one of the most prominent one. Other reasons like that these can be recycled, can be decomposed naturally, are strong and sturdy, etc. follows.
Before starting off with the making of gift boxes by using cardboards, let us review the advantages of these packages over the conventional boxes.

• Protects the Goods and the Products Inside
One of the most important reasons for the use of this material is that this offers maximum protection for the end product and the gift that you want to store and to give. The material is of high quality and is sturdy; therefore, it serves the purpose.
• Lightweight
Another prominent reason for the use of these cases as the best gift containers is that these are lightweight. Even if you put this box on a scale, the reading will always be close to zero.
• Cost-Effective Behavior
The cheapness of these boxes makes them stand out from all other kinds of packaging. The reason behind the cost-effective behaviour is that these are made out of already available material which is to be reused in the manufacturing of these cases.
Other reasons follow like the flexibility, can be used for a variety of products, easy to move and to ship, etc.

Following some easy steps can help you make your own gift box by using a single sheet of cardboard. This custom cardboard packaging is the easiest and most popular form of casing for giving the gifts in.

DIY Cardboard Gift Box

• Start off by taking an A4 size cardboard sheet.
• Take a ruler and draw a line on the bottom.
• Draw the line of the width of the ruler.
• This line will be the depth of the box.
• Turn the cardboard sheet around and do exactly the same.
• Fold the cards over to the lines marked by the ruler.
• Fold the card sheet over to the inside of the opposite line.
• Make a line of the fold using your thumb.
• Open and do exactly the same for the other side.
• You will have twofold lines around the middle of your card.
• Mark these fold lines with a pencil.
• Draw line with the same width on vertically on each side of the sheet.
• Cut all the short line that forms the square.
• Bend over the formed tabs.
• Apply some glue on the tabs that form squares.
• Start sticking the box together.
• Do the same with the attached lid.
• Use binder clips to hold all the sides until the glue dries.
• Remove the clips after 10 to 15 minutes.
• You have your own finished gift box made out of the cardboard sheet.
The use of different materials of cardboards or by painting or spraying the sheet of cardboard can help you to make out these simple box packages.
You can also use smaller sheets of cardboard to make small and attractive cute boxes to give in gifts like jewelry. The bigger ones can hold things like toys, chocolates, letters, books and almost everything that you can think of.
Moreover, the use of decorations like ribbons and glitters can enhance the outlook of this custom cardboard packaging wholesale.

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