How The Right Pillow Can Prevent And Cure Back Pain

Many of us tend to sleep after a long day of work, after the tiring day and where one lays their body in a comfortable position and shuts their mind off to rest. However, while sleeping, it is essential that we use the right kind of pillow as it impacts the posture and also impacts the durability of our spine. If one doesn’t take care of it now, then a permanent back pain might arise. However, the good news is that there is quality and affordable back pain treatment in Melbourne; is now available.

Let us look at ways in which a right pillow can be identified and how it can help us sleep right.

Right size!

The size of the pillow can adversely impact the health of the spine. For instance, if the pillow is small and of greater height, it causes a bad posture and can lead to back pain. There are generally six sizes of a pillow, which could be king, queen, euro, standard, and super standard, along with a body pillow. An optimum size of the pillow is in which the head and the spine are in the straight line, and there is no pressure whatsoever on the neck and back.

The Loft!

Loft means the height and thickness of the pillow. The size of the loft is generally based on the height and weight of the person using it. The high loft is of 5inches thick, which is apt for side sleepers, the medium loft is of 3-5 inches thick, and the low loft is less than 3 inches thick, which is suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers respectively.

Sleeping position and pillow

If you tend to sleep on your sides, then it is essential that the pillow is of a size that gives maximum support to the area between the shoulders and the head. If it is not, then it is time to change the pillow. If you are a person who sleeps on the back, lying straight facing the roof, then the pillow should be thin and should not force you to hold your head higher than your sleeping position.

Types of pillows

  • Dual profile pillow– It is a medium-high pillow which has two rounded edges and provides support to the neck. These types of pillows are best suited for the people who are recovering from back surgery and/or undergoing back pain treatment. This is one of the commonly used pillows and causes less back pain.
  • Travel Pillows– They are U shaped and take the strain off the neck during a long commute. These kinds of pillows support the muscles which work to keep the neck straight during the commute. It is advised to use the neck pillow, especially if you are tall, and the neck support in the economy seats is not enough. You should choose from gel-based pillows that are usually available at airports too.
  • Lumbar pillow – this type of pillow is mainly used while you are experiencing long sitting positions. This type of pillow supports the lower spine and ensures and saves the body from a downward pull of gravity. Most of the chairs today are ergonomically designed, and the employers are also taking cognizance of the fact that bad posture can impact the longevity of the back. However, it is essential that you buy yourself a lumbar pillow as per your comfort levels to avoid any kind of back discomfort.

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