How To Download Instagram Videos in 2020

The tendency to upload and watch videos on Instagram is higher than you think. Currently, we find a large number of audiovisual proposals on this platform. However, the audience sees and enjoys them. If you are one of them and you want to download videos with the Instadownloaderpro, but we will teach you the easy methods to download videos.

Many believe that Instagram is a competitor to YouTube, but we consider that it still needs a bit to get there. Its users include all kinds of personalities who have understood the influence of videos on the social network. In this sense, each day more proposals are uploaded to their accounts.

Followers want to obtain these audiovisual formats to preserve or share them on other communication platforms. The way to do it is easy and varied. In this article, we will teach you how to download videos from Instagram through different options.

Download Instagram videos on a computer:

Let’s start downloading Instagram videos from the computer because it is the easiest, fastest and simplest way to achieve it. The following method is manual and we don’t need to be the best programmers in the world. Just follow these simple steps:

  • We log into Instagram from our computer
  • We look for the user who owns the video we want to download and we right-click on it
  • We select the option Open in a new tab
  • In the new window, we right-click and select Inspect
  • This opens a lower window where we will see the web coding of the page we are seeing. This option is used by programmers to search internally
  • We stand over the video and a segment is shaded at the bottom. We enter this and look for the URL of the video
  • We copy and paste the URL in a new browser tab
  • When doing so, we can right-click on the video and select the option save as

The video download will begin to activate slowly. This is the most effective way to download Instagram videos from your computer. However, there are other methods that we will see below.

Download Instagram videos on Android:

From our Android device, we can easily download Instagram videos through an application. If you really want to have an Instagram video, the best way is to download an app that allows you to download the formats. It sounds tangled, but it is very easy, know how to do it:

  • The most recommended on the market is instadownloaderpro for Instagram, It is very well valued and users are happy to have it
  • It is a really smart app and very easy to use, just with a click we will have the process of downloading a video
  • In addition, it allows us to quickly upload photos and videos to the platform
  • We download the app directly from the Google Play Store
  • First, we go to our Instagram profile and look for the video we want to download
  • When locating it, we copy the URL of the video (for this we look for the three vertical points and pressing them enables the option)
  • We go to the App Video Downloader for Instagram and paste the copied link in a box
  • In the download process, the system will allow us to do other functions such as upload the video to our profile or simply download it

This app has great advantages over other services that work on Android. This is the quality of the video that is not lost in the download process. It is also used to take photos from the social network and the same procedure applies.

Best of all, the app doesn’t take up much memory space. However, the videos you download logically do occupy it. In this sense, you must be clear before carrying out the process and store in certain extra spaces.