How to Plan A Budget Trip to Amsterdam

Traveling Amsterdam is a cool idea because the place is full of diverse tourist attractions and a perfect tourist destination in Europe. Recently, we were at our Family Holidays in Morocco and it went very well with Virikson Morocco, a reputed company in the United Kingdom. I visited Amsterdam when I was single and was doing an internship after my high school completion. At the very start of my career, I was not having enough funds to travel so I found some tips and hacks to travel to Amsterdam in the budget.

How it went and how was the budget trip experience in Amsterdam? It is all discussed in this blog with the guides and tips to save your money while wandering.  Keep reading this blog, your tips are below.

Tips to Trip Amsterdam in Budget:

Here are some fruitful tips to trip Amsterdam in the budget. You are going to have perfect experiences in Amsterdam.

Don’t Use a Taxi in Amsterdam:

When I was there to explore the city, my friend guided me before leaving me about not using the taxi being in Amsterdam. It is usually costly. So if you want to save your pocket in Amsterdam, a taxi is not recommended.

Amsterdam is not that big for what you will take a special taxi to get to the other corner of town. Tram works there and it is the cheapest way to move. You should travel on Tram which would hardly cost you two Euros. Mostly travelers in Amsterdam use tram or Uber which is relatively better than the rates of private Taxis.

One time Tram Ticket:

What if you take the more savings option using transport in Amsterdam? If you are there two or three days or even seven days, you have a great option of buying a tram ticket valid for more time. One time ticket is almost more than 2 Euros, and if you buy a ticket for weekly use, you can buy the ticket for almost 7 Euros. For me, it is almost free. So use your brain and make a one-time ticket of the tram in Amsterdam.

For infants and kids, the ticket is almost free or have a weekly ticket of hardly two Euros. Other than this weekly package, you cal also avail one-time ticket for 24 hours, two days and three days package. I like Amsterdam because of this, the town is very easy and fun to enjoy your thrilling holiday break.

Visit The open Markets in Amsterdam to Shop:

Malls and the special stores are always costly because the cost is of the brand and the place where the shop is situated. In such places, I always prefer the street vendors and open markets. Amsterdam also has the same case. You will visit the food, or cloth shops or brands, you will get the thing at a high price.

In Amsterdam, you should move to Waterlooplien’s Flea market for normal budget shopping. This market opens all week but closed on Sundays. You are welcome to market to shop anything of your choice. If you have to shop for clothes, books, food, or mobile accessories or even drinks, it is all available at very good prices. The stalls are also very environment friendly.

If you are interested to visit Sunday Markets? Amsterdam has Nieuwmarkt market and Noorderkerk markets to offer you everything of your choice there. Shop in Amsterdam smartly to save your pocket.

Eat at Citysides:

That doesn’t mean that affordable hotels and restaurants are located on the city sides. The hotels which are at the main center of the town or in the posh areas are usually expensive. If you are on a budget trip you should think before entering the big brands or the restaurants or cafes located at the main center in Amsterdam.

Normally travelers plan a breakfast from the hotel they stay, and the dinner somewhere of their choice. This is a very budget idea. In between, you can eat normal snacks, tea or drinks. Amsterdam has many such options for you to avail and save your pocket in town. But keep in mind, eat well, because of your health matters.

Use Cycles in Amsterdam:

It is a healthier activity generally. But if you observe, the bicycle is the main source of transportation in Amsterdam. So it would not be that difficult for you to borrow a bicycle on rent.

It would save the cost of your transportation experience in Amsterdam and also would give you an opportunity to be an environment-friendly traveler. What an amazing idea? I always advise my kids to be responsible and environment-friendly travelers to take part in saving the earth from pollution and global warming.

Take the right experiences in Amsterdam and also save your money taking help from these tips. Good luck!

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