How To Redeem In CAMS Online, Know Easy Steps Involved In Redeem

CAMS online is a revolutionary CAMS program, which makes it very easy to monitor your mutual fund investments. It helps investors to create and transact single user-ID logins on the CAMS platform.

All mutual funds have been serviced as registrars by CAMS using this login. So CAMSonline is where you can make all your MFs investment-related transactions. From investing in checking the valuation of your investment or getting related Statements, download service request forms, etc.

Comfort and ease of handling your MF portfolio! CAMS Online is a web-based application by CAMS to create a single user ID for investors through the CAMS website or mobile app version, allowing them to transact through a single login to all participating mutual funds Returns, which are accepted to provide the specified data by CAMS. Redemption is easy in CAMS Online Here are the easy steps

Steps involved in Redeem

  • An investor will log in to CAMS online through valid user-id and password.
  • Applicable folio will be displayed on the selection of fund name.
  • The investor is required to select the folio in which he intends to transact for the redemption order.
  • Redemption will be allowed only for unit balances with valid folios.
  • Only the default bank mandate will be displayed for the redemption payment
  • Once the folio is selected, the investor has to choose the scheme/units to be redeemed, agree to the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Generate OTP.’
  • OTP will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number of the investor.
  • The mobile number registered in the respective folio (s) will be considered as the registered mobile number.
  • OTP will expire in 10 minutes from the time sent to the registered mobile number.
  • The investor must enter OTP on screen for required authentication
  • After completion of the transaction, a confirmation screen will be shown, and a reference number will be populated – investors, please note and quote for their queries.
  • Redemption will not be allowed if the mobile number is not registered in the folio.
  • CAMS has introduced a monthly limit of Rs 10 lakh for redemption. The limit is set for the cumulative redemption amount associated with the PAN under the email ID.

Note: NAV applicability will depend on the transaction time [CAMS server time is taken into account] and the implementation date/status of the funds

CAMS online provide a digital facility to manage your mutual fund investments. Experience a view of your portfolio in 16 Multi-Mutual Mutual Funds, make transactions to buy, redeem or swap, open a new folio, subscribe to NFO, start SIP with DGSIP in just seven days.

  • DigiSIP
  • DigiNFO
  • New Folio
  • Open e-insurance a/c

Use other features such as scheduled future transactions, redemption guides to pick up the most affordable redemption funds, my favorites, Voice orders, and more. Please consult your financial advisor for investment-related advice.

Redemption/Switching of units is subject to the realization of funds in the scheme by way of payment instrument transfer or switch – in the funding process.