How Your Phone Camera Can be Utilized to Spy on you

Plenty of software is available in the market to spy on someone secretly. Spy software is to reduce the stress of parents and employers and of people who want to monitor their loved ones to protect them. But the hackers also use it, which sometimes becomes harmful for an innocent person.

Let us see in which situations a hacker needs to spy on you by getting access to your camera.

Suppose you are a faithful employee of a company, and you have secret and sensitive data of company and competitor of your hidden enemy wants that data. So, they will take the help of spy software to track you when you will away from the device so they could easily steal that data. A spouse can spy on a partner in case of any doubt about affairs. Or someone might do to harm you because of personal disputes.

How to protect your phone from being a spy on you?

Some precautionary measures you need to take to protect yourself.

Never give your cell phone to a friend, relative, or to unknown. Whether someone is very trustworthy or say you to return your device within 10 minutes. Never trust, because they can be a hacker and can install a spy app within 5 minutes in your phone.

  • Don’t forget your device in parties or a restaurant; it can be theft and can use for the wrong purpose.
  • If someone stole your device, instantly register the complaint at the police station.
  • Put tough passwords on the device. After using a cell phone, log out from all accounts and off the internet.
  • And if you feel more need to protect yourself, you can use a temporary tape and put on the front and back camera.

How will you get to know if someone spies on you?

If someone spies on your phone camera and tracking your moves, so how you know that. Sometimes, it gets harder to find it, but some typical signs enable you to detect if there is spy software installed in your device. Here are some signs that can show you if someone does so.

  • If your mobile data is abnormally high in usage, maybe someone is spying on you.
  • Your cell phone will show the activity sign if you put it in standby mode.
  • Your cell phone battery will get low early than before.
  • As spy software are powerful, easily user can mobile screen recording during the usage of phone such as Gmail, instant messenger etc.

How can you remove spy software from your cell phone?

Let us tell you how free your phone from spy apps or software.

For Android User

70% of the world uses Android devices as it is user-friendly and easy to operate. By following some steps, an Android user can detect if there is any spy software installed on their phone.

Step 1: Go to mobile setting

Step 2: Go to “Additional Setting”

Step 3: Click on “Application Management”

Step 4: You will find the list of installed apps and software. Search the terms like stealth, track, monitor or spy. If there will be any spy app, you will detect it.

Step 5: If found, then delete it. Sometime spy apps are running by fake names. In such a case, go to the nearest wireless provider and ask for “Geek Squad.” It will instantly delete the spy app from your device.

For iOS users

Although, it is difficult to access iOS devices without jailbreak. But still, there is such advanced spy software that can access your iOS system. But they also need an iCloud password if they get it and tracking you, so you just need to change an iCloud password. It will instantly disconnect software like a spy. Or you can also update your device with latest iTunes, your device will get secured.


We conclude that a hacker or enemy can monitor you secretly to know about your routine or can attack you on any chance. But you must be active and follow some precautionary measures to prevent yourself.

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