Moving Home Guide: Best Things To Do When Moving House

If you are moving for the very first time, regardless if you are moving a condominium or a house, you may find this process very hectic. Moving day is a very special day because you are finally relocating to a new home and honestly it takes great planning and outstanding discipline to make it as successful as possible. Moving day is divided into two broad categories. There are preparation and packing. It is important to get these 2 right if you want to move without any issues.  Here is an easy moving house guide to follow.

Preparing for the day

The preparation for your move can start early like months ahead. This will help if you can figure everything out well in advance of the exact moving date. There are many things you need to know during preparations and below are some tips that can help you prepare:

Creating a list of what you need to bring – If you are relocating to a new home you may not need to bring everything you had in your previous home. This is one of the simplest moving house tips. By reducing the number of items that need to be moved will reduce the margins of loss.  If you have things that you can throw out then it is a good idea.  You do not want to pay to move items that you end up throwing away once you are in the new place

After you are done with preparing, it is time to start packing.  There are people who start packing only on the same day they intend for relocating but you may want to do this a little earlier.

  • Find strong and sturdy packing boxes that can withstand your load as well as the shock along the road.
  • Buy quality packing materials such as bubble wrap and tapes.
  • Use tissue paper and put layers of crumpled paper or protective material between each item to prevent scratching.  Do not overpack boxes. Spread heavy items out between boxes,
  • Label your boxes based on the items you have and seal them well.
  • Identify your valuables and fragile items.  While most of your belongings can go straight into boxes, you may want to take extra care over any items that are breakable.  It is a good idea to pack these first, separately from the rest of your belongings. Wrap these items in bubble wrap or extra packaging, then label these boxes as fragile
  • Before you move house, you will need to notify your utilities providers, banks, insurers, doctors and other organizations that you are changing address. 

Find A Moving Company

Moving home is a logistically challenging operation. Sometimes leaving it to the experts who are experienced in it will beneficial to you. Therefore, you need to find a moving company early. Remember not to leave it to the last minute because this may force you into a corner where you simply have to hire any moving company you can find. To begin your search early, head over to Shiply, an online shipping platform that can connect you to a list of reliable and rated moving companies that will help you move safely.  Once you have filled in the online form, you will receive personalized quotes sent to your mailbox, giving you one place to compare quotes and services.