SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When you are putting in place any marketing campaign, there are always going to be some common mistakes and pitfalls that you need to avoid. SMS marketing can be highly effective when it is done correctly. A big percentage of people check their text messages and are more likely to take action than some of the other common forms of marketing out there. So, let’s look at a few of the top mistakes that you can avoid making yourself.

Not Having a Clear Plan

People tend to work best when they have a clear plan of action in place that they stick to as closely as possible. Therefore, you need to do your research into SMS marketing, as well as all the different strands of it such as broadcast SMS messaging. This way, you are much more likely to be effective in your efforts as you have some clear goals that you are working towards achieving.

Distributing ‘Nuisance’ Texts

Before you create an SMS campaign, you need to have done plenty of proper research into your customer base to make it as likely as possible that you are sending them relevant information that they would like to take action on. For example, if they have purchased from your business in the past and you are running a sale on similar items. Alternatively, you may run a café or restaurant and have a promotion that you think that they need to know about. Too many annoying, ‘nuisance’ texts can lead to early unsubscription from your services.

Messaging People Who Have Opted Out

Like all other forms of marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that everybody who has chosen not to receive any more communication should be opted out. Otherwise, not only can you find that your business is in breach of ethical guidelines, but it may also find itself on the wrong side of the law as well.

Not Having a clear opt-in strategy

SMS marketing is one of the most invasive forms of marketing out there, which means that it can be off-putting to people who aren’t fully expecting it. That’s why you must be fully transparent about what these messages will entail when you get a customer to opt-in. Be sure to share things like the message frequency and the subject matter that these SMS’s will feature, as this will help manage expectations and limit the number of people unsubscribing to these notifications.


Sending a Link to a Non-Optimised Website

One of the great aspects of an SMS marketing campaign is that you can direct your customer to click on other links to generate interest and ultimately increase your sales. However, there is no point in sending them a link to a site that has not been properly optimised for mobiles. Otherwise, your customers will not be able to use the website well and it is less likely that you are going to be able to make the sales that you were initially looking for.

Sending Messages at the Wrong Time

This could fall under the category of ‘nuisance messages’, but it is worth discussing separately as well. Ultimately, you need to send people messages when they are most likely to take action. This could be in the early evening when they have returned home from work, but it is certainly not in the middle of the night. People are much more likely to unsubscribe if they receive communication at this time.

Customers can make use of the software Boomerang and its feature ‘social hours’. This feature ensures that any messages sent outside of a user’s designated social times will be ‘parked’, which means they won’t be delivered until the designated time.

Avoid these common mistakes, and you are much more likely to enjoy success in SMS marketing.