Surprising Sale-Stoppers That Could Be in Your Home

In real estate, there is no such thing as a “small problem”. Any little flaw may turn out to be a surprising deal breaker when trying to sell your home. From switches to doors and toilets — every little detail of your home for sale is a potential sale-stopper.

The fact is that you’ll never be able to guess which amenities a buyer or inspector will put to the test when he comes around to view a house for sale. That means you have to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

Though it may add extra costs to your extra budget, fixing the shortcomings about your home, and removing the sale-stoppers will contribute to faster sales and better prices.

6 Surprising Sale-Stoppers That Could Be in Your Home

Here are 6 things that could be preventing your home from being sold fast.

Front Door

The front door is the gateway to your home. It’s what gives any visitors that first impression. Once your front door attracts any kind of negative attention from potential buyers, that’s the end of the deal.

Buyers prefer well-functioning doors that open fast with little effort. That means getting a swinging door may do just fine for you. You can hire carpenters to make any necessary adjustments to your doors before putting up your house for sale.


The condition of your ceiling fan can also make or break your chances of selling your house fast. For instance, if your ceiling fan is wobbly or too noisy, buyers may lose any interest they have in bargaining further.

The state of your fan matters significantly, especially during hotter seasons. A fan will help increase comfort in the home by blowing fresh air. Therefore, a faulty fan is a sale-stopper to watch out for. Fix it!

Water heater

Got cold water and hot water faucets in your home? Then check their labeling, and ensure that a cold-water faucet doesn’t turn out to be hot water. If there are any water-flow problems, hire a plumber to fix the faults before you list your home for sale.

Shaky Banister

The handrails on the sides of the staircase (banisters) should be strong and steady. You don’t want your buyer to have an accident when touring around the house for the first time. Tighten up all screws and nuts and be sure your banisters are not shaky.


If you want to sell your house faster on Home Flippers homepage, tidy up the closets and make things look organized. An overstuffed closet can be a surprising sale-stopper. If the closets are 100% occupied with unnecessary materials, it sends a bad signal to the buyer that, maybe your home for sale has run out of storage space.


When a toilet won’t flush in seconds or has a broken flapper, fix it as soon as possible, since a visiting buyer may wish to use the washroom.


Buyers want high-quality facilities when they are paying more for a home. To sell your house fast, you must make any necessary home improvements before selling it. This must always include fixing the surprising sale-stoppers that could be in your home.