Things for Couples to Do in Lexington Kentucky

Lexington has the most side attractions in the state of Kentucky. The city is appealing to the residents; several tourists visit Lexington, Ky, in a year. It has the most tourist traffic in the state, followed closely by Louisville. Everyone wants to have the Lexington experience, and couples are not left out.

Are you and yours looking for the best places to have fun on dates in Lexington? Are you hoping for some romantic getaway nights? Or do you want a musical experience? What about carriage rides? Would you love to know where you can get this in Lexington?

Read on for the most unusual, as well as regular activities you and yours can engage in while in the city of Lexington. International visitors are also not left out; we want everyone to get the most out of their stay in Lexington.

Places to Go on A Date in Lexington, KY 

This can be dependent on several things. The time (day or night) and the activities you’re both interested in are crucial in deciding places to go on dates in Lexington. There are many activities; you have to narrow down the ones that suit you and your date. Some of the popular activities and date sites include:

  • Hiking at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.
  • Exotic lunch at popular restaurants like Malone’s restaurant.
  • The Aviation Museum of Kentucky (this is a must-see)
  • Paint galleries

You can also choose to visit one of the several historic sites in Lexington. For example.

  • The historic site of Waveland, and
  • The Mary Todd Lincoln House.

Are you both international travellers interested in visiting the city of Lexington?

Do you need an idea of the documents you and your date need to gain entry into the United States of America? Here are some answers. Lexington has a lot of international travellers year in year out. Some come in to check out the historic sites in the city, others for research purposes, while the rest come over to experience the state’s equestrian activities. Most people claim the best time to visit Lexington, KY, is during summer, which Is the city’s warmest period. Around July and August. Some tourists visit Lexington while on their way to neighbouring cities like Louisville and Nashville.

To gain entry into the United States of America, you need to have a registered profile on the US ESTA platform.  ESTA is short for ‘Electronic System for Travel Authorization.’ It is needed for any non-American citizens to gain entry into the country through the air or sea regardless of their purpose for coming to the country. We want to state that having an ESTA doesn’t automatically grant the traveller admission to the country.

However, just citizens of 38 countries must have it- Australia is one of these countries. Esta application australia is quite easy to obtain; compared with the hassles involved in applying for a VISA, the guidelines need to be followed.

Many travellers have the same question, how do I check my esta validity? The answer is simple, and we will cover it here. Checking validity is easy; an ESTA is valid for two years. You need to check the date it was issued.  International flights into Lexington are very affordable; the rates may vary based on the airline rates.

Carriage Rides in Lexington, KY

The state of Kentucky is widely popular, majorly because of its horse traditions. Lexington is home to most of these horse parks, and different carriage rides can be taken in Lexington.

Lexington, KY, has its own indigenous carriage company that offers ranging services from normal tours to wedding carriage bookings and funeral services. You can even hail a carriage on the streets of Lexington. By renting a carriage, you and your date can choose to go on evening trots within the city- that would be romantic.

Old Town Violins in Lexington KY

If both of you are lovers of musical instruments, there is no other place to be than in Old Town Violins.

Located on 382 A Broadway Lexington, KY, this establishment is famous for selling Lexington’s best musical instruments. They are opened all Tuesdays through Saturday, with their business hours being 10 am to 6 pm. You could also rent musical instruments. For a musical experience in Lexington, you must not miss Old Town Violins.

What to Do in Lexington, KY at Night

Nightlife in Lexington is always fun, with streets bubbling with activities till 2:30 am most nights. There are several romantic spots to visit, concerts to attend, clubs to go to, and games to play.

Some of which include:

  • Break out games (This is not only for romantic couples, but you could also come here with a friend or a family member),
  • Comedy and Karaoke clubs,
  • Dance clubs and event concerts,
  • Pubs and Bars tours,
  • Date nights at local and exotic restaurants, and
  • Many more.

Choosing to come to Lexington, KY, with your other half is a decision you would not regret. Enjoy your stay!