Tips For Studying For Your MBA Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

An MBA is one of the most highly sought after qualifications when it comes to seeking out senior management positions, and is also a course of study that can give you a broad understanding of the business that can be very helpful if you ever want to start your own company.

Check out this article about the many things you can look forward to gaining from achieving your MBA. The MBA has for quite some time now been a degree that it is possible to study for completely online, and in the current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people who were already interested in doing an MBA online have decided it is the ideal time to take the plunge.

While many of us have more time at home at the moment as a result of the pandemic and things like lockdowns and social distancing measures, and this does mean more time available to spend studying, the situation does present some new and unique challenges that students need to overcome to get the most out of their study time.

If you were already on the path towards getting your MBA online before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you have decided that you want to use the extra time you may have at home right now to get started on earning this important advanced degree, then here are some tipsto help you study productively during these unusual times.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

If you are studying full time, then it may feel like where there is nothing else to do, you can just devote all of your time to your MBA work and so don’t really need to make a schedule. However, it can be really easy to lose all sense of time when you don’t have the usual things to break up your days and weeks, and this can be unhealthy – leading you to poor sleeping and eating habits and lower focus and productivity. Make sure that even if you are always at home and have no other priorities outside of your MBA work, you still plan sessions and don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Get Some Exercise

Not moving enough is often a problem in general for people who are working really hard on something that mostly involves being stuck at a desk – such as studying. This can be even more of a problem when under pandemic conditions you don’t have options like going to the gym to add regular exercise into your lifestyle, or other sports and physical hobbies. With restrictions meaning you may hardly even go outside and walk anywhere very often it can be extremely easy to end up not getting any exercise at all. This can end up being bad for you, and for your study, in a lot of ways. Sitting down all the time can lead to all kinds of postural issues and nagging neck and back pain, and not getting enough exercise can also make you more stressed and affect your sleep. That’s not to mention issues like potential weight gain.

Make sure that you plan exerciseinto your days, for instance, by starting to do some online or video workouts, which you can fit into your routine. You can find short exercise sessions you can use to take quick breaks from studying and refresh yourself, which over the course of the day can add up to a sufficient workout, or you can find things you like to do for a longer session and either do it in the morning to wake yourself up and start your day of study or in the evening to unwind and give you something invigorating to look forward to.

You may also benefit from taking up something less energetic but geared more towards relaxing and stretching out your body, helping you avoid some of those potential postural issues, such as yoga or a simple stretching program.

Talk to Other MBA Students

Studying online can be a little bit lonely sometimes, and if you are also in a fairly isolated situation because of the pandemic, you may need to make extra efforts to communicate with other people and keep yourself feeling connected to the world. It is important to make time to talk to friends and family, but also, find online groups for people doing your particular course or for MBA students in general, and make use of these to talk to other people who are in the same position you are. This can not only lift your mood and make you feel less lonely but can also be a good way to network and develop lasting friendships with other MBAs.

Have Goals for Each Time Period

As we said before, it can be hard to keep a normal grasp of time when you are going out less, and have none of your usual social commitments or plans, and so it can be important to keep a handle on what you intended to get done by when with your course. You may feel like because you have this extra free time, everything will automatically get done faster, but that will really only happen if you are managing your time well. Make goals for what you want to cover and achieve not only for each week or month but for each individual session. Planning these out will help you get an idea of what you can realistically expect to achieve if you are going to be putting in more hours, and will also keep you able to measure whether you are doing what you set out to do efficiently.

The pandemic does present an opportunity to knuckle down and focus on your MBA, but just because you don’t have much else to do, that doesn’t mean you will automatically have the focus and motivation to constantly study effectively. Make realistic plans, take care of yourself, and try to find a good balance between pushing yourself and not overdoing it.