Tips to Fix a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

One of the most frustrating things that we have to deal with is slow internet, which can get in the way of us accomplishing some very important tasks during the day. Often, you will find yourself paying a lot more for your internet than it is worth; the speed and signals are rarely as good as they are supposed to be.This means that you will have to deal with slower downloads, decreased browsing speed, lag on different applications and a frustrating online streaming experience.

The pandemic has made us heavily dependent on the internet not only forour professional, but also entertainment needs. A bad internet during this time can not only be frustrating, but it can cost us a lot professionally.

Fortunately, there are certain tips you can follow at home to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. However, before you do that make sure you have a good internet connection first; you can explore FirstEnergy to subscribe to one.

Reset your modem

This is the first thing that people often do, and it usually works. Resetting your modem can eradicate any interferences in your network, and the internet can run as usual. This often happens in neighborhoods where different networks might overlap and interrupt other networks, which can cause a signal clutter. After you’ve done this, you can contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance on how to reinstall the new firmware and get the new password, if your device doesn’t do this automatically.

If you can, check for any other potential interferences in your network before resetting the modem. For example, unplugging wires and then plugging them back incan also fix temporary internet issues. This often happens because of interference from another device present in your home, such as microwave or your phone. Regardless, you can solve the problem with a few tips that your ISP will most likely be able to tell you.

Invest in a good cable internet service

If you have a good enough internet service, problems regarding networks are less likely to occur to begin with. A good service means one that provides you what it promised when you paid for it. Other factors to consider when browsing through services is customer support; it needs to be quick, concise and readily available, since internet problems can occur frequently and a solution needs to be provided as soon as possible.

There are some services that come with a data cap, which means that there’s a limit on how much internet you can consume within a given time period. For example, some packages have a 100GB data limit for one month. It’s best to opt for a service that will provide you with unlimited data in an economical price, but you may have to browse a little before finding the right one.

Use hotspot when required

Since we do a lot of work online now, we often rely completely on the internet for communication with the world. This is why risking complete unavailability of internet isn’t a choice. Make sure that you always have internet backup in the form of a hotspot connection, so if you’re in a situation where you absolutely need the internet, you can switch temporarily. This includes situations like work meetings or online exams.

A hotspot can undoubtedly be very pricey, especially if you’re using it to watch something or do a long call. You can take care of by opting for packages, which you will find on your service provider’s website. If you’re unsure of what to get, you can find the right data package for yourself through directly contacting your provider as well.

Keep check on speed

A great way to know if your internet device is acting out is by keeping a close eye on speed. Speed can fluctuate even with a decent internet connection, but if the speed of your internet follows a pattern of fluctuation and is very consistent with it, you may need to get it checked for any potential issues.

Moreover, keeping check on the speed will help you see if it matches what your provider promised when you first got the service.It happens quite frequently that the actual speed of your internet is not what you’re paying for, which can ruin your online experience if you’re someone who needs a lot of frequent heavy downloads or online streaming. If you can’t figure out what your internet speed should be, you can even contact your provider directly for this information. There are a lot of great internet bundles that you can opt for if you decide to purchase one with a faster speed.


A weak Wi-Fi signal is somewhat inevitable, but that does not mean you cannot take appropriate precautions to avoid it as best as you can. Internet speed is bound to fluctuate at some point, but having a good service will at least minimize the problem.

There are certain factors that make up a strong internet connection. These include good download speeds, decent bandwidth, the kind of connection you have (cable or fiber), latency and jitter. This controls how your data is transmitted, and how it travels from one source to another; it is also a major factor in how fast your internet is. If you make sure to follow the mentioned tips, your internet speed is bound to improve over time.