What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Ruby

A red Ruby is such a brilliant addition to the finger. An original Ruby is either pink or red like blood. The stone belongs to the Corundrum family and is governed by the Sun. According to astrology, a Rubi is important for the growth, prosperity and success in business or job authority, social status and also self confidence. The Ruby is considered the king of all gems because of its association with the sun. The recommendation to wear this stone, of course, depends on the position of the Sun in a person’s astrological chart. 

Should you wear a Ruby?

The Ruby is a very important stone that can influence a person’s life and career in many ways. Wearing a Ruby can help a person’s temperament, health, career and even social status. Ideally, people from the Leo sun sign are recommended the Ruby stone. But people with ascendants of Scorpio, Aries, Pisces and Sagittarius can also wear this red stone. Ruby can be recognised by its Rose colour. It is also available in in pink or red shade. The stone stands for qualities like power, authority, health and body. If you are suffering from financial instability and health ailment like typhoid, cerebral meningitis, heart problems, haemorrhage problems, then, the Ruby can have a positive influence on you.


The Ruby comes in different shades but it has to be worn according to your astrological chart. The most effective stones are of lighter colours but the deep pink and Ruby red shades are also available. You can buy gemstones in Delhi if you are looking for original ones. For a person wearing Ruby, gold is an important metal with which the stone should be worn but you can also use white gold silver or even functional dhaatu according to your recommendation. You should wear the Ruby on the ring finger of your right hand. The ideal day will, of course, be Sunday because the governing planet of the stone is the Sun. Try to wear it in the morning only. You should where the stone while chanting a mantra which has to be done 108 times. Your astrology should tell you the chant.

Caring for the stone

Caring for the Ruby stone is very easy. Take proper care so that nothing scratches the surface of the stone as it reduces the stone’s powers. While doing household chores or other work it is best to wear a glove so that the surface remains polished and is not affected by any chemicals either. For cleaning the ring, it is best to use a soft brush and a bit of soap water. 

The Ruby stone is effective only when it is four carats or more. The ideal range is between four and 12 carats. For wearing the stone, you should wash it with some fresh milk on a Sunday morning and then only wear it after touching the feet of your deity. 

Other then its astrological benefits, the Ruby is also a very sought-after jewellery stone which has been used in pendants earrings and tiaras for a long time.

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