What is 4K Android TV and What Can You Do With One?

Android TV or Smart TV is an exceptional device where you can get everything on just one big screen. There was a time where television was not smart. Now the device has been upgraded with new features and technology, not only for entertainment but also other requirements too.

Then, what is the use of a 4K Android TV? You might ask, it sounds similar but what’s the difference? Ok hold on, I will tell you the details in the next section.

Until don’t get confused, this article helps you to understand whatever doubt you have on Android TV, we will solve it.

What is a 4K Android TV?

Android TV is practically a Smart TV. The only difference is its unlimited features. This television is built with an operating system. It allows you to access streaming OTT channels like Netflix, Prime videos, games, music, play store, google assistance, it is all possible through the internet.

Here 4K refers to resolution, where the pixels are 4 times higher than normal high definition TV, you will get an amazing picture quality. It is very popular on Android TV. Android TV is a solid and hybrid device, you don’t need to bother about wires, cables, and antennas.

What’s the difference between Smart TV and Android TV?

Ok, we will explain you in short. Smart TV does contain limited apps and features but Android TV integrated with amazing specs, allows us to easily access any apps and content on browser, it’s all similar to your android phone.

 Also, it does have google assistance where you can give voice commands over the remote. it’s all similar to your android phone. You can buy any tv according to your requirements. Hope I have cleared your doubt regarding Smart and Android TV?

Can we set up new features for our existing Smart tv?

I think buying a new Tv is the most exciting for us. First, we will notice which features and applications that integrated into it. Just imagine, your neighbor bought new TV where you notice the amazing specification, you may also want to replace your old to new in your existing tv only, but one thing I will tell you, If you want to install any apps, that only possible in Android not in Smart TV.

Like I said above, Smart TV has limited specifications where you cannot install or update new features. But in Android, you can install any type of application, software.

My opinion: Reason why do you want to go for the best 4K Android TV over Smart TV?

By seeing the advantage between these two TVs, I would like to go for Android TV. The reason is, we humans love to explore and update new things. Like how new smart tv comes into the market, would like to explore applications that integrated it.

When compared to smart tv, Android TV has more features, streaming videos, unlimited content, the application is easily available on this box. So think and buy according to your consumption and requirements.