What is Android 9.0 TV OS?

You have probably heard of the word Android plenty of times by now. Agreed, the mobile platform is massively popular and is everywhere, no matter where you look. Hot on the heels of its mobile OS, comes the Android TV OS. Just as you have Android for smartphones, you can now have Android TV OS for your smart TV as well. The result is that you get a polished, and extremely capable TV OS that can match all your demands and expectations. It might as well exceed those, in certain cases.

It is easy to define Android TV OS as the television arm of the Android Operating System. However, simply saying so does not do it justice. Hence, here’s a bit more into it, and the Android 9.0 TV OS version.

An improved TV experience

Android 9.0 TV OS will provide you with a visual experience that you have probably not seen before on any TV. Think of a regular DTH connection – you have the rather uninspiring user interface, bad graphics, and a menu system that doesn’t really make you comfortable. Switch to Android TV OS and you can definitely say goodbye to those.

You will now see a band of apps that you have recently used, or in recommended. Furthermore, you will also be greeted by recently viewed TV shows or movies from an app that you use very often. In addition, you will also find it much more aesthetic to switch between apps. The animations have been optimised as well, so that your visual senses can be elevated to new levels altogether.

Hence, you can finally say hello to a beautiful TV experience, even if you are scrolling through settings, switching between apps and more. Android TV OS brings the convenience of a smart TV OS along with a very visually enjoyable UI.

Explore the power of Google Assistant

With Android 9.0 TV OS, you will get Google Assistant built inside. As a result, you can go completely hands free. Just say ‘Ok Google’ or press the button with a mic on the TV remote and give your instructions. Want to see the latest movie on TV? You can just say it. Want to know the latest Tamil OTT release movies 2022? Ask your Google Assistant.

Pick up right where you left

Google’s Android 9.0 TV OS understands that you may not always be able to complete your shows. That’s why, you will be able to see the exact show that you were watching previously. Hence, you can pick up right from where you left off! There’s no need to scroll through OTT libraries to find the one show you were watching just yesterday, anymore.

How to get Android 9.0 TV OS on my TV?

Well, you could always go and buy an expensive smart TV, but there are cheaper ways out too. We suggest that you get the Airtel Xstream smart set top box. It has all the features that you can expect from a smart TV and is also equipped with Android 9.0 TV OS. In addition, you get hundreds of channels form Airtel’s DTH plan, 4K picture quality and lots more.

To get Android 9.0 TV OS easily, going for the Airtel Xstream set top box makes so much sense!