What’s Coming and Leaving Netflix in June 2020?

Streaming is the next-gen of televisual entertainment. Now we simply unlock our smartphones and watch our favorite shows on the go. That’s quite a fascinating feat. To see how far these streaming mediums have come. Netflix has become a streaming hegemon that is far from being dethroned from the throne it sits on currently. But numerous streaming platforms have emerged out of which some are going toe to toe with the streaming giant.

Despite the fluctuations in the streaming wars, Netflix’s stance is still fairly decent. In the list of the top 10 most watch Netflix original content alone, Spenser Confidential secured over 85 million views. And that’s just one show. Imagine how many views other popular shows would be getting. So that’s only a gist of where Netflix stands today.

However, content on Netflix isn’t bound to be present on the platform forever. Some evergreen shows are available monthly and then leave. Some stick around for a longer time. So if you have already created your Netflix watch list for May and you’re wondering what could possibly join and leave Netflix in June 2020, then we have jotted down the following list for you.

Shows/Movies to look forward to in June 2020

One simply never runs out of new content to stream on Netflix. With that said, we look forward to June bringing us some worldwide favorites like Dark and 13 Reasons Why. The list that we have jotted down is tentative for now and Netflix is likely to add more titles and announce airing dates of the shows listed as TBA.

June 1


Juwanna Mann

Dear Friends

My Shy Boss

The Disaster Artist

Revolutionary Love

The Stolen

The Help

June 2

True Rainbow Rescue

Fuller House: Season 5

June 3

Spelling the Dream

Lady Bird

Killing Gunther

June 4

Baki: Season 2

June 5

The Last Days of American Crime

13 Reasons Why: Season 4

June 6

The Night Clerk

June 7

365 Days

June 8

Before I Fall

June 10

Lenox Hill

June 11


June 12

Pokémon: Journeys

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Da 5 Bloods

The Woods

June 18

A Whisker Away

June 19

One Way for Tomorrow

June 23

Eric Andre Legalize Everything

June – TBA

The Politicians


Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy

Everything leaving Netflix in June 2020

June 1

Power Battle Watch Car

Gentlemen and Gangsters


June 2

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Botched up Bodies

Bondi Rescue

Court Justice

Horror Homes

Ghost Town Gold

The Homecoming

Kitten Rescuers

June 10

Mad Men

That’s just a tentative list of all the shows, comedy serials, documentaries and movies that we will have to say goodbye to very soon. But if you got any of the titles saved in your watch list then you still have to finish watching them. Don’t be hasty though! Sit back, relax and enjoy each TV show/movie before you say your goodbyes.

Other Entertainment Mediums

While streaming is the go-to preference of the present time, it still doesn’t mean the existing alternatives have died out. Netflix, in 2019 alone, had over 167 million subscribers. Now that’s a massive figure. One can barely think of an entertainment medium that could compete with Netflix. But there are other streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+ that are also performing relatively well. But streaming platforms aren’t the only mediums we got. There’s more too.

You have cable TV providers like Spectrum that are still going strong despite cord-cutters constantly putting such services down. There are cable TV packages like Spectrum silver package that offer over 170 channels in a single subscription. That’s not all. You even get premium TV networks such as HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ for which you usually pay exclusively. But with Spectrum, you get many premium TV networks in a single TV package.

To conclude

There you have it. The list of all the shows/movies to anticipate for and some titles that we might never see on Netflix once June hits. You even know a few Netflix alternatives in case streaming and monthly subscriptions aren’t your thing. So what are you waiting for? Go finish that watch list of yours!