9 Amazing Things You Never Know About Ottawa

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Ottawa is the city of world class music festivals. United flights booking to Ottawa is available to and from remote cities. If you are also in one of those who are travelling to Ottawa in the coming 2 months or later, this information will guide you to plan your trip after reaching there with a United airline booking to Ottawa.

Ottawa is much more than a music festival. Check more about amazing facts of Ottawa here.

Amazing Things You Never Knew About Ottawa

Take an overview of some of the fascinating facts of Ottawa that will excite you to make United flights booking to Ottawa right away. There are also alternate options but United booked flights are the most convenient way to reach Ottawa from your nearest airport. 

Ottawa Art galleries

Ottawa has given the finest artists to this world and when it comes to display art, Ottawa is on the first number. Your Ottawa trip is incomplete without visiting the best and finest art galleries. Ottawa art galleries provide free and paid both kinds of services. 

French province of Quebec

It is possible to cross a bridge and enter the French province of Quebec. Many commuters from Quebec go daily to Ottawa for employment. 

In Ottawa, you’ll always be welcomed with a “bonjour” or “hi.” The University of Ottawa is the world’s biggest English-French bilingual university, therefore you’ll also hear a lot of French spoken there.

Centennial Flame

Natural gas is used to light the Centennial Flame, which warms the fountain around it. It is still illuminated today, having been lit during the Confederation of Canada’s 100th anniversary in 1967. When visitors and locals throw pennies into the fountain to make personal wishes. 

They probably don’t know that the coins are gathered annually and given to a disabled person to support their study.

Street Of Art and Art Galleries

Take a look around the best galleries of Ottawa and Gatineau. It will showcase a plethora of independently owned modern galleries of Ottawa. It also features the creations of regional artists of Ottawa. Axené07, the Wall Space Gallery, Cube Gallery, and the Carleton University Art Gallery are just a few examples.

Ottawa Tulip Festival

The Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa owns tons of pretty tulips varieties. Ottawa tulip festival dates change yearly so check in advance.The future Dutch Queen Juliana was taken in by Canada during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. The Dutch Royal Family gave 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa as a token of appreciation. 

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park spans over 361 square kilometre (139 square mile) area and is popular for stunning fall foliage. Meech Lake, Lac Philippe, and La Pêche Lake are well-liked by people seeking. Head towards Gatineau Park to face Ottawa’s sweltering summer heat and get some tan. In case you are heading here in winter then snow shows and skiing are waiting for you in Gatineau Park. 200 km (120 miles) of cross-country skiable terrain in Gatineau Park is the ultimate fun activity to try in winter. 

Ottawa Street Tour

Ottawa street tours and heritage walks are the super cool way to interact with the city. You can explore the best side of your type while exploring the streets. Enjoy the Ottawa street art and street shows that are thrilling and enjoyable.

Creativity in every corner of Ottawa

Ottawa will invoke the sleeping artist inside you as here you can also take art lessons. Ottawa art forms are completely versatile and it would be a great fun to learn different arts and creative skills of Ottawa.

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