Best Travel Places in Praia

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Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde, an archipelago country located off the coast of West Africa. The city boasts of beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a vibrant nightlife. It’s a must-visit destination for travelers looking for a unique and authentic African experience.

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  • Quebra Canela Beach

Quebra Canela is one of the most popular beaches in Praia. The beach is located near the city center and is easily accessible. There are several restaurants and bars around the beach where you can enjoy a drink or a meal.


  • Praia de Gamboa

Praia de Gamboa is another popular beach in Praia. The beach is located on the outskirts of the city and is less crowded than Quebra Canela. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, and there are a few restaurants nearby.

  • Sucupira Market

Sucupira Market is the largest market in Praia. It’s a bustling and colorful place where you can find anything from fresh produce to souvenirs. You can find fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, spices, clothes, and handicrafts at the market. The market is open every day, but it’s best to visit in the morning when it’s less crowded.

  • Plateau

Plateau is the historic center of Praia. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to many beautiful colonial buildings. There are several museums in Plateau, including the National Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. The main square, Praça Alexandre Albuquerque, is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. It’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants, and there’s often live music and performances.

  • Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha is a small town located about 15 kilometers from Praia. It was the first European settlement in the tropics and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town is home to several historic buildings, including the 15th-century Nossa Senhora do Rosário church and the Forte Real de São Filipe. The town is also known for its beautiful beaches and stunning views. It’s a great place to spend a day trip from Praia.

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  • National Botanical Garden

The National Botanical Garden is located on the outskirts of Praia. The garden is home to several species of plants, including cacti, succulents, and tropical flowers. There are several walking trails in the garden, and you can also take a guided tour. The garden is a peaceful and beautiful place to spend an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Kebra Cabana

Kebra Cabana is a small beach located about 10 kilometers from Praia. There are several restaurants and bars on the beach where you can enjoy a meal or a drink. 

Farol de D. Maria Pia

O Farol de D. Maria Pia, também conhecida como Farol de Leça da Palmeira, é um farol localizado na cidade de Matosinhos, em Portugal. Foi construído em 1884 e é um dos faróis mais emblemáticos de Portugal.

O farol foi projetado pelo engenheiro francês Gustave Eiffel, famoso por ter projetado a Torre Eiffel em Paris. O Farol de D. Maria Pia foi construída em ferro forjado e tem uma altura de 46 metros. Foi nomeado em homenagem à rainha consorte de Portugal, D. Maria Pia de Saboia.

O farol e uma importante referencia para a navegação na costa atlantica de Portugal, ajudando os navios a evitar os perigosos recifes da costa. Alem disso, e um importante ponto turistico da regiao, com vistas panorâmicas da costa e do Oceano Atlantico.

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