Blocked Toilet- Here Is What You Need To Know To Prevent One

It is no doubt that toilet is known to be one of the most important spaces in an entire house. Yet, it is often seen that homeowners mostly tend to under-appreciate this part of the home. Few of you would like to spend time thinking about the proper functioning of a toilet until, of course, you have a blocked toilet.

When there is a problem with a toilet, it is critical to determine what is causing it and fix it as soon as possible. Clogged toilets are often blamed on a youngster or overzealous adult who puts too much toilet paper in the toilet bowl before flushing. These problems are normally resolved by plunging the toilet bowl, but if a toilet consistently clogs, even with an adequate quantity of toilet paper and waste, there may be a larger issue to address.

There are many reasons why the toilet has clogged on numerous occasions. Most importantly, it is essential to identify the cause of the toilet blockages at the right time and find the best way to eliminate the possibility of such clogs. This way, you will never have to spend unnecessarily on any blocked toilet at your place in the future.

Low Flow Toilets Cause A Problem

Many people tend to install the low flush toilets to reduce the amount of water that goes in for one flush. Also, the water bills and utility bills comes significantly lower on using this version.

The first-generation lo flush toilets have too little power to push the wastes into the drain. To to mitigate the risk of a blocked toilet due to the above reasons, you have to control the amount of toilet paper you attempt to flush at once. The best plan is to upgrade the toilet to a newer model to save water without compromising efficiency.

Clogs In Drain Lines

In some cases, an aging drain pipe can be the reason for clogs at a higher frequency. For instance, clogs can happen even when you flush the regular wastes and paper products. Foreign objects, paper, and hair are usually the common culprits. The aging drain lines will always have a hard time dealing with these issues. So call a plumber who can clear the drain lines and restore the functioning of the blocked toilet.

Partial Blockage In S- Strap

If you look at the back of the toilet; you will notice an S-shaped pipe that comes up from the ground and again winds its way into the toilet bowl. This particular pipe is the S-trap drain and is responsible for removing odorous sewer gases through the drain pipes instead of passing through the toilet bowl into the home. This could be one of the reasons of a blocked toilet at your place.

Obstruction In Plumbing Vents

You may not be aware but the plumbing system at your home is not only comprised of the set of water pipes to bring the water to the different outlets and drain pipes that remove wastewater from the home. There are also ventilation pipes that make it possible to release the sewer gases safely out through the roof of your home.

But the blocked toilet is an indication that there is a pressure build-up within the drain pipes. It will compromise the suction and pressure within the lines that increase the toilet’s flushing power. The plumber will clean the vents and try other cleaning procedures to remove the blocks to resolve the situation.

Final Words

At the end of the day, a blocked toilet is never something that will be hygienic for your home or family. Hence, you can either avoid the above causes that clog the toilet or call the professionals plumber for blocked toilet solution whenever you notice some delay in the drainage. Otherwise, keeping to ignore blockages in toilet areas late in calling the plumbers can cause further damage.

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