Essential Skills to Consider When You Hire PHP Developers in India

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Despite being one of the oldest programming languages, PHP has managed to remain a top choice for web developers worldwide for creating dynamic and interactive web applications. According to a study, PHP powered 79.1% of websites globally and ranked among the top 10 most widely used programming languages by developers in the tech industry.

This is why many businesses want to develop their web app using PHP. They always look to hire PHP developers in India who can build reliable, scalable, and user-friendly web apps. But how easy is it? Not at all! It’s a challenging task as there are many PHP developers available, and you have to select the best one for your project. You may find it even more challenging, especially when you are not tech-friendly. 

In this article, we will give you valuable information on essential skills to consider when you hire PHP developers in India for your next project. But first, let’s understand the basics.

Skills to Look For In When You Hire PHP Developers in India 

The quality of the project depends on the PHP developer’s skills and expertise. It is not all about hiring the developer and thinking your side of the work is done. But, it involves many tasks such as writing codes, testing, debugging, and maintenance. 

A proficient PHP developer should have a strong command over various projects and the ability to handle complexities, which requires excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Moreover, the developer must work with other developers in a team to create applications and solve issues whenever needed. Besides that, developers must be familiar with the PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, Joomla, etc.

A competent PHP developer must have these skills-

  • Proficiency in control systems (Git/ SVN)
  • Expertise in PHP programing language
  • Mastery of OOPs (Object-oriented programing) Concept
  • Sound knowledge of HTML / CSS/ and JavaScript
  • Sound knowledge of CMS (Joomla/ Drupal/ WordPress)
  • Effective communication & collaboration skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Familiarity with the latest development tools, frameworks, and libraries

Roles and Responsibilities of a PHP Developer 

Indian PHP developers have to perform various tasks and take responsibility for web development. Here are some of them!

  • Developing and deploying web applications
  • Completing the projects within the deadlines
  • Solving compatibility issues of different platforms, software, or program versions
  • Adding features to existing applications
  • Working with collaboration with other stakeholders and teams as per the requirements
  • Enhancing skills by keeping themselves updated with emerging programming technologies

Types of PHP Developers in India You can Hire

The types of PHP developers in India can be classified into three broader categories based on their experience, knowledge, and expertise. Before looking for a developer, assess your requirement and what fits you the best.

Beginner-level PHP Developer

This is the initial and starting phase for developers where they embark on their journey of web development career. As these developers are just starting out their tech career, they have the basic knowledge of programming language and can develop basic apps with some functionalities. 

Working with skilled developers can be an exciting opportunity for beginner-level developers to learn and improve their skills and abilities. These developers can suit medium and straightforward projects. You can expect them to have a good understanding of PHP and HTML programming languages, work with CMS, and have knowledge of at least one central PHP framework, PHP function, and MVC design pattern.

Mid-Level PHP Developer

A mid-level developer is a type of developer who has more experience and skills than a beginner-level developer. They have worked on various projects and have built web apps that they can showcase in their portfolios. 

They can work on projects without much supervision and guidance. They have the following skills and abilities: they can use multiple PHP frameworks, they can implement different databases, they can troubleshoot code errors, they can add back-end features to improve the performance of the web app, and so on. 

If you need a developer who can handle complex tasks and deliver quality results, you might want to consider hiring a mid-level developer.

Experienced PHP Developer

If you have a project that requires some highly skilled PHP developers, you might want to hire PHP developers in India who have years of experience and an impressive track record of successful projects.

These developers are the best in their field. They have mastered the latest development technologies and practices and have specialized in certain areas. Experienced developers can analyze the project requirements and propose realistic solutions to make the web app more efficient and secure. 

They can also advise on which features to add and how to improve code security. They have expertise in advanced technologies, such as PHP for IoT and machine learning. They have a deep understanding of multiple PHP frameworks.

Expert-level developers are the elite class of PHP web developers and can work with excellence. Therefore, if you need a developer who can handle challenging tasks and deliver high-quality results, they might be the best choice for you.

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers in India

As said earlier, PHP powers more than 80% of the websites on the internet. It has a huge demand and a large pool of PHP web developers. Hiring PHP developers can bring many benefits to your business, such as:

  • High return on investment: PHP developers can create dynamic and interactive web applications that can attract more customers and generate more revenue. 
  • Skilled and quality programmers: PHP developers have the skills and knowledge to use various PHP frameworks, tools, and libraries. They can write clean, efficient, and secure code.
  • Faster turnaround time: PHP developers can work fast and deliver projects on time. They can use the existing PHP code and resources to speed up the development process. 
  • Business-oriented strategy: PHP developers can understand your business goals and requirements and provide solutions that suit your needs. 
  • Professionalism: PHP developers are professional and reliable. They can follow the project guidelines and specifications and adhere to the quality assurance measures. 


Finding a developer who can fulfill your business goals without any hassle can be a challenging task for many companies, but we have tried our best to help you solve this problem in this article. There is no one-size-fits-all method to hire PHP developers in India, but following these tips can help you avoid unnecessary hurdles when hiring a developer for your next web app development project. 

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