How Do Get Replacement Car Keys Upon Losing The Original?

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Are you looking for replacement car keys? The first thing you should do if you lose your car keys is call your local locksmith. If you do not have a locksmith near you, then you need to find someone who does. Always make sure that the locksmith is licensed and insured, and has experience working on cars. Make sure that you get a key that matches the type of lock that you have on your car door.

When replacing your locks, make sure that you get a set that matches your existing ones. Consider purchasing a replacement combination for your car as another option. Your current combination might not match the new one, so you will need to change it. Here are some methods for getting replacement car keys fast and affordably.

Hire An Auto Locksmith

The cheapest option is typically any of the auto locksmiths because they have the tools necessary to replace all key types and the majority of car manufacturer models. For instance, some auto repair companies charge even for the diagnostic software needed to program car keys.

This is most likely the quickest option, as the majority of them provide mobile services (they may come to you) and are experts in automobile keys and locks. When you are locked out of your automobile, an auto locksmith can help with more than just keys; they can also open your car door and:

  • Replace lost keys – If the original key is not available.
  • Vehicle Key Cutting & Copying – Spare Car Key
  • Program Key fobs, for remote cars
  • Opening Cars – Unlocking secured cars (e.g. if keys are locked inside)
  • Vehicle Locks – Replace and fix broken locks
  • Repair keys – They can fix cracked or damaged keys.

Some auto locksmiths are equipped with key programming tools worth well over £100,000, which allows them to make replacement car keys for almost all car models and makes.

Auto Insurance Company

It is possibly very pricey. Insurance policies may not always cover car keys, and whether yours does or not depends on a variety of factors; the terms and conditions vary from insurance company to insurance company.

Additionally, keep in mind that making an insurance claim could lower your no-claims bonus and end up costing you money.

Replacement Car Keys

Replacement Car Keys

Vehicle Key Cover

Some companies provide replacement car keys as part of their premium add-on key cover policies, but you typically have to pay extra for this on top of your car insurance. While some insurers do not cover problems like stolen car keys, other insurers offer key cover as a stand-alone policy.

Vehicle breakdown services

It might be a slow option. Depending on the kind of replacement car keys you need and the tools the roadside assistance provider has on board their vehicle, some roadside assistance services might be able to assist. You may have to face a long wait depending on whether or not the breakdown service has the right key coding equipment.

Due to the extensive inventory of pricey car key codes and vehicle diagnostic equipment auto locksmiths carry, they are frequently the fastest alternative. The least expensive option is to go directly to the auto locksmith because many breakdown services hire one to complete the work.

Local Garage

The final option might be a local garage, although this could be pricey because most garages charge for the use of diagnostic equipment. The specialized key coding equipment that a vehicle locksmith always carries may not be available in garages. Since it is a fairly specialized field, it might not be the best choice if you are in a rush to find a garage that can replace and program replacement car keys.

Additionally, mechanics in local garages lack key and lock expertise. They can lack an auto locksmith’s specialized knowledge of a certain type of key or lock.


When you need to get a replacement key for your car, make sure to get a replacement that is compatible with your vehicle. Most auto locksmiths offer basic services, such as unlocking a door or safe. But, if you want replacement car keys, you have to hire an auto locksmith who is a specialist in offering this type of service.

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