How do I book Spirit Airlines group travel ticket

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additional discounts or incentives. If you’re looking for a trip with your favorite folks, Spirit Airlines has you covered.

When traveling with a large group of friends or your entire family, you must exercise greater caution and attention. There is nothing to worry about when flying with Spirit Airlines. Their group travel option allows you to complete your travel bucket list with all of your loved ones. So, read on to learn how you may take advantage of Spirit group travel program.

Who Can Book Group Trips with Spirit

You can book Spirit group travel for groups of ten or more persons flying to the same destination from the same area at once. The airline will ask you to define the group category on their group travel form, and you will receive a group quote in response. The type of group might vary: family, friends, general, corporate, etc.

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This simple process allows you to arrange travel for your party with Spirit Airlines to any place of your choice.  

How Do I Book Group Travel on Spirit Airlines

To book your group travel on Spirit Airlines, take these three simple steps. The airline allows you to book flights and take advantage of the outstanding incentives associated with their group travel program. So, if you have more than 10 guests in your party, you can:

  • Submit a group form request.
  • Get a quote within three business days.
  • To buy tickets, contact the group travel specialist indicated in your quote.

In this manner, you will have a group booking with Spirit Airlines at no additional fee to the one specified in your contract. Let’s get into the specifics of group travel booking: 

Fill out the group travel form

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Look for the Group Travel Pages. At the bottom, click the link for Group Travel Forms.
  • The Chat window will open.
  • Select Group Reservation from the auto-generated prompts.
  • Then, click New Group Reservations.
  • If you agree to proceed, the chatbot will collect your information. Personal Information Group Information Flight Information Travel Details
  • Fill out all of the details and submit the request. 

Spirit Airlines Offers Group Travel Quotes

After you complete the form, the airline will respond with a group travel quote for your booking. Remember that the airline will not provide the information over the phone, and you must wait three business days to receive the Spirit Airlines group travel price. The quotation will include:

  • Details about group bookings
  • The price of the ticket
  • Relevant flight information
  • Complete itinerary.
  • A group contract.
  • Group travel specialist information
  • If satisfied, you can proceed with the booking requests. 

Important Things to Remember About Spirit Airlines’ Group Travel Program

Spirit Airlines’ Group Travel service offers flat pricing for all individuals traveling as a group.

  • There are no discounted fares.
  • The mentioned fare remains unchanged for 24 hours.
  • You can travel with more than 9 guests under the same booking and select seats without making a full payment until 60 days before departure.
  • Up to 30 days before departure, the entire group can request name changes for free.
  • Spirit Airlines will no longer require a physical ticket for group travel, allowing them to travel without one.

The airline provides you with a group travel professional who can assist you with any problems and answer all of your questions to ensure a seamless travel experience.  

What Are the Guidelines for Planning Group Travel with Spirit Airlines

Before booking a group to travel with Spirit Airlines Flight you must understand the following rules, which have a significant impact on your trip experience:

  • Spirit Airlines will charge a necessary and non-refundable $5 booking fee to confirm your group tickets.
  • For travel after 60 days, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $40 per person within seven days of booking and the balance before 60 days of departure.
  • Group bookings with departure dates within 60 days require full payment. 
  • You may pay for your group with any major credit card or cheque. However, you cannot use different means of payment on the same booking.
  • Name changes made less than 30 days before departure will incur a $50 cost per person.
  • You cannot cancel a flight for a single member of the group.

If you remember these principles and are aware of your booking rules, you will be able to simply organize group travel with an airline. For further information, call the Spirit Airlines group travel phone number and speak with an expert right away. 

Final Words

Spirit group travel program will make it easy for you to travel with your selected number of individuals. However, always verify before proceeding to confirm your reservations. You may also contact the staff for more details on the procedure or to receive greater support with your Spirit Airlines trips. So why wait any longer? Book your flights with the airline immediately, travel with your favorite people, and have a stress-free group trip. 

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