How Does Baby Massage Help Develop Stronger Bones?

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It can be too late to take care of your bones when you start to feel pain in your joints and bones. The majority of bones are already developed by adolescence. So, when it comes to newborn care essential, you need to focus on the development of bones right from the beginning. 

But does massage help make the bone stronger and healthier in real? 

Let’s find out with this article. 

Massage Support Baby’s Growth & Development 

A proper baby massage helps support the proper growth & development of bones. It also promotes neurodevelopment that improves the functions of the nervous system & brain as well. 

Improving Muscle Tone 

Newborn massage is primarily linked to an improvement of muscle tone. A gentle massage action can increase blood circulation in muscles, ligaments & tendons, thereby strengthening & nourishing the tissues. 

This also promotes healthy muscle growth & thus improves the muscle tone making your baby capable of walking & performing other physical activities. 

Strengthen Bones 

A regular massage to the baby helps improve bone density, strengthening bones. Most of its benefits are observed in preterm babies. A regular massage of preterm babies supports the development of bones and thus improves bone strength. 

However, it’s necessary to use only good quality oil that is natural and free from chemicals.

Higher Muscle Elasticity

A daily oil massage to babies enhances muscle tissue’s elasticity by increasing blood circulation. Higher muscle tissue elasticity means it can hold the bones tighter and have higher resistance to the external force that can’t be injured easily.

Massage also helps the growth & development of a baby by making bones stronger & helping them grow faster. 

Improves Breathing 

Massage also helps provide relief from respiratory disorders like asthma in newborn babies. Infant massage not only promotes the elimination of mucus from lungs & throat, which aids the flow of air through the respiratory passages but also provides relief from other breathing difficulties.

Which is the Best Massage Oil for Baby Massage?

According to Ayurveda, there are different types of massage oils with their own advantages. You can massage your baby with sweet almond oil, black sesame oil, or coconut oil for the growth & development of bones. 

You can buy Little Rituals’ natural cold pressed oil that deals in newborn care essentials that are free from chemicals and combined with the extracts of plant actives. 

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