How to book your Chardham Yatra in 2024 like a pro?

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Chardham Yatra is said to be the most pious and religious pilgrimage for the Hindus. The four holy temples of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath constitute the very strong, powerful and spiritual nest of the Chardham.

It takes years for people to plan emotionally and financially to visit the Chardham Yatra. They say that all your sins are washed off once you visit Chardham and ask for forgiveness.

To help you out with the chardham package price, we have got some relevant information regarding the chardham package and prices in 2024.

Proper planning of the chardham yatra would help you and guide you through the journey, will make things pocket friendly and convenient for you. And as we all know the foremost task about planning any major trip is the travel cost, this knowing and understanding the package price of the chardham yatra should be the priority of you are planning the char dham yatra 2024.

Let us the begin with the first and foremost thing to know before planning for Chardham Yatra 2024 is their opening dates.

The opening dates of the chardham yatra usually depends on the weather and climate clearance in that particular area, a that there’s no risk to the devotees’ lives.

The chardham yatra opening dates for the year 2024 are ( tentatively)

Yamnotri temple – 22nd April 2024

Gangotri temple – 22nd April 2024

Kedarnath temple – 25th April 2024

Badrinath temple – 27th April 2024

The chardham yatra registration for the year 2024 is free , but you need to know the package price for the Chardham Yatra travel, either you are travelling solo or in group, the package, duration, travel dates matter a lot.

There are many tours and travels, the most elite package tours who could guide you and help you plan your entire chardham yatra.

Also, the duration of the chardham yatra counts when you plan the entire trip on the your own, usually the duration for the chardham yatra pilgrimage takes some 6 nights and 7 days to 9 nights and 10 days . You could certainly manage and plan your itenary as per your convenience.

Our research says that the package for char dham package price per person usually starts from Rs. 15-20 k with any cheap/local travel agent and 50k-60k with a medium budget, while for the most trusted and Elite travel packages the per person package could be around 1 lakh-2 lakh rupees.

It is always better to pre-plan the yatra according to your budget and convenience, because lakhs of devotees travel across the globe to visit the Chardham pilgrimage.

Do not miss to follow and understand the proper chardham Yatra travel guidelines before you book your trip, because this holy pilgrimage is said to be the toughest journey and travel route of one’s entire life.

A good budget and package plan , understanding the pros and cons about the journey would certainly be very helpful and useful to you all.

We wish you a good planning and safe chardham yatra!

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