Sparkle And Shine: How To Style Sequins Fabric In India In Detailed Points

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Sequin fabric is often associated with festivity, elegance, and glitz. It is a well-liked option for celebrations, parties, and special occasions due to its eye-catching charm. But if done incorrectly, dressing sequin fabric may be difficult as it calls for striking a balance between sparkle and refinement. This post goes into great length on styling sequins fabric in India and provides useful advice as well as original styling concepts to help you make the most of this gorgeous material.

Tips to Style the Sequin Fabric

  • Select the Appropriate Event

The first step in styling sequin fabric is selecting the appropriate occasion. Sequins are glamorous by nature and work best on occasions that need a little glitter. In India, this includes celebrations such as New Year’s Eve parties, marriages, and festivals like Diwali. Sequins are appropriate for daytime wear, but they work best at night when the lights catch and reflect their shine. Knowing the occasion can help you choose how much to use in sequins and make sure your look is striking and acceptable.

A richly embellished saree, for example, may look stunning at an opulent wedding reception, while a sequined top, worn with a simple saree or lehenga, can provide the ideal amount of glitter for a more sombre occasion, such as a festival puja. Being aware of the right time and place to wear sequins can help you stand out without going overboard.

  • Keeping Things in Balance with Simpler Bits

Balance is one of the most important style guidelines for sequin fabric. Sequins are visually arresting; therefore, it is crucial to combine them with simpler components to prevent an overpowering appearance. Simplistic accessories, muted makeup, and sequins combined with simple textiles may all help create this. To complement the whole ensemble, you may wear a lehenga or simple saree with a sparkly blouse, for instance. Likewise, a blouse in a basic colour might complement a sequined skirt to bring it down. Because of this harmony and elegance, the sequins stand out without taking centre stage in the whole ensemble.

If you are wearing a dress with sequins, choose small bracelets or stud earrings as your only jewellery. Steer clear of bulky accessories that draw attention away from the sequins. Natural makeup that accentuates one feature—bold lips or dramatic eyes, for example—can enhance the ensemble without drawing attention to itself.

  • Think about the Silhouette and Fit

The total impression of your sequin garment is greatly influenced by its fit and shape. Sequins may accentuate the body’s contours by adding weight and reflecting light in different ways. As a result, choosing a fit that flatters is crucial. Make sure the sequin fabric is well-tailored, and choose styles that accentuate your anatomy. Sequins look amazing on fitted clothing, such as bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, and well-fitting blouses. However, without needlessly adding bulk, flowing designs like A-line skirts or flared dresses with sequin details may produce a balanced style.

A pencil skirt or a form-fitting sequined kurti, for instance, may elongate your body and highlight the glitter of the fabric. Anarkali with sequins and a tight waist, on the other hand, may accentuate your waist and fall elegantly over your hips. You might feel more at ease and self-assured wearing sequined clothing if you have the proper fit and shape.

  • Experiment with Patterns and Colours

Sequin fabric is available in an array of hues and designs, each producing a unique visual impact. While traditional gold and silver sequins are elegant and adaptable, do not be scared to try out new hues and designs to create one-of-a-kind ensembles. Vibrant hues like red, green, and blue may create a dramatic impression, while pastel sequins have a more delicate, romantic appeal. Sequins placed in patterns, such as flowers or geometric forms, may also give your ensemble an additional layer of intrigue.

For example, an exquisite and airy pastel pink saree with sequins would be ideal for a midday wedding ceremony. A black gown with sequins is a great option for a formal evening occasion because it exudes drama and refinement. A flowery sequined blouse, for example, has patterned sequins that may give a classic saree a whimsical and playful touch. You may add personality to your sequin clothes and make a statement by experimenting with colours and patterns.

  • Use Accent Sequins

Consider using sequins as accents if a whole sequin ensemble seems too daring. Accessory pieces featuring sequins, like belts, shoes, or handbags, may glam up your outfit without taking over. You may easily uplift your ensemble with a sequined stole or scarf thrown over a basic kurta or salwar kameez. This method enables you to subtly and elegantly add the glitz of sequins.

For instance, a simple black dress may seem sleek and trendy when paired with matching shoes and a sparkly handbag. A solid-coloured dress may be defined and sparkled up around the waist with a sparkly belt. By applying sequins as accents, you may appreciate the glamour that sequins provide while still maintaining an elegant and well-balanced overall style.

  • Incorporate Traditional Indian Clothes

Sequins may bring a contemporary touch to traditional Indian clothing, making it seem stunning. Salwar kameez, lehengas, and sequin sarees are common wedding and celebration attire options. Take into account your outfit’s colour scheme and general concept when pairing sequins with traditional attire. A classic silk saree with a sequined blouse, for instance, may create a fusion style. You may look majestic by pairing a sequined lehenga choli with traditional jewellery. You may create a harmonious and fashionable combination that embodies both contemporary and traditional aesthetics by coordinating sequins with traditional features. 


When done carefully, styling sequin fabric and buying sequin fabric wholesale in India may be a pleasant and fulfilling process. You can create gorgeous and sophisticated looks that stand out by picking the appropriate occasion, striking a balance with simpler elements, thinking about fit and silhouette, experimenting with colours and patterns, utilising sequins as accents, matching with traditional Indian attire, and paying attention to fabric quality. Sequins can turn any costume into a glam one that is ideal for commemorating important occasions and leaving a lasting impression. With these pointers, you may wear sequin fabric with confidence and appreciate its lovely sheen and brilliance.

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