The manufacturing of perfect rubber extrusions

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Rubber extrusion is a popular method of manufacturing rubber products of various types and sizes.  Just like silicon extrusions, they need to be in perfect shape and size. The process involves pushing the rubber through a die in order to develop a specific shape or design. To achieve the desired end product like rubber extrusion there are several design considerations that you need to be aware. Below are some of the design considerations for rubber extrusion profiles.

Shape and size

The main consideration when it comes to a rubber extrusion profile is the size and shape of the final product. The shape of the die determines the size of the profile while the size of the die determines the size of the profile. Hence it is necessary to have an idea about the desired shape and size of the final product before you start off the extrusion process.

Material selection

The choice of the rubber material in the extrusion process is crucial as it has a bearing on the final performance of the product. Just like O ring manufacturers, the process has to be precise on all counts. The properties of rubber in terms of flexibility, strength and resistance to temperature and chemicals must be considered when it comes to the appropriate selection of the material.

Wall thickness

The wall thickness of the extruded profile has an important bearing on the performance. A thick wall provides better durability and is resistant to any form of wear and tear. On the other hand, a thinner wall ensures greater flexibility and resistance to wear and tear.

Dimensional accuracy and tolerance

Both these components turn out to be crucial considerations when you are designing a rubber extrusion profile. The accuracy of the die and the extrusion process outlines the final dimensions of the extrusion process. The tighter the tolerance more quality the product is expected to be delivered.

Surface finish

The surface finish of the extruded profile has an impact on its performance and functionality. The furnishing can be smooth and textured which again is dependent upon the total performance of the product.

Insertion requirements

In some of the profiles, the extruded profile calls for the inclusion of plastic, metal or other forms of materials to enhance its functionality. The design of the die and the extrusion process need to take into account the insertion requirements to ensure that the final product complies with the necessary specifications.

Customization options

When designing a rubber extrusion process, you need to take into account the shade, labelling and branding aspects in a major way. Such options is known to enhance the product and going to distinguish it from the ones that are available in the market currently.

To conclude designing a rubber extrusion process involves considering a lot of things. This would mean the shape and size of the final product, the thickness, dimensions along with other accuracy aspect. So go with the best one in the business as it is bound to provide you full proof protection.

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