The Different Types Of Karate Belts And How To Choose The Right One

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The experienced eyes of experts can easily find the rank and the level of expertise from the colors of the karate belts of an individual involved in karate training.

Generally, the color becomes darker with the development and expertise in the techniques and skills as per the principle in karate. Continue reading further to know more in detail!

The Different Types of Karate Belts and What They Mean

The nine diversified colors representation of karate belts are as per the development in the training cycle are follows:

·       White belt

The color tells about the new individual who is starting karate training and can have plenty of challenges in mind concerning the coming time to face.

·       Black belt

The darkest color shows the tremendous command over the karate skills that helps the student to spread the knowledge to others efficiently.

·       Green belt

The color indicates that the student is getting the expertise in skills and techniques of karate over the period.

·       Orange belt

Here the color of karate belts shows the development of knowledge of karate in students.

·       Blue belt

The karate belt color tells about the in-depth knowledge gained by the student with techniques and moves in the game.

Types Of Karate Belts

·       Purple belt

Here the student has got enough command over the moves and eagerly waiting to earn the next belt as per the expertise.

·       Brown belt

This color of the belt shows that the student is ready for the competition with the command of skillful karate moves.

·       Red belt

The color is holding the glory of the student full of knowledge and could channel it appropriately.

·       Yellow belt

The yellow color indicates the open mind of the student to get all the techniques adopted with the correct application of methods.

Not All Karate Belts Are Created Equal – Find Out Which One Is Right For You!

When it comes to buying karate belts, there are certain important points to take note of which are as underlined-

Choosing the right material for the belt

  • Pure Cotton– It is assumed to be evergreen for the belts as it may get faded over time but the texture never gets ruptured. The durability and the fixation of the knot will provide correct friction for the grip to have confidence while in action.
  • Pure Satin – The shiny appearance fills an individual with energy and the dark color never gets faded fast. It’s durable too.
  • Silk– The luxurious color and texture make the Karate belts shine for a long time like a fresh piece. Even though it is the least durable and knot also can’t be so strong as compared to cotton. Some of them get faded soon as per the quality of the material.

Selecting the breadth and thickness of the belt

The inner side of the belt reflects the measurement of the belt. The manufacturers provide ranges of belts based on the breadth and thickness expected by you. Before the selection of the belt go through the description included with the belt to get the correct idea of dimensions.

If you are ready to invest a little, you can easily get trendy belts with a double-thickness of an inner cotton core with a breadth of 4 or 4.5 cm. They can be durable and better in appearance but when it comes to tying with a knot, the comfort needs a compromise.

Selecting the correct manufacturer for your belt

You need to choose a suitable belt that can be offered by similar kinds of manufacturers. They try to distinguish themselves with extra features like embroidery on the belts, etc.  You can choose the belt as per your need and size. If the belts are having more breadth then the knot size will also increase and that can make the belt hang shorter while tied.

Bottom line

The karate belts with all different sets of colors are proud to the students and they should be decent and comfortable during the moves of the training period. When buying one, it is advised to check the required details before selecting any of these color belts.

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