What is Nassau famous for

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Are you a wanderer? Well, there is a lot for you to explore here. Nassau is one of the most popular spots for cruise ships. You can find here cruise ships at the time of doc. Waves of tourists flood the place, and you ought to explore the attractions and various things to do. The botanical gardens and the water park are the places where you can see the dreamiest spots and you can even take a day trip to the place book Delta Airlines flights today online.

Aqua venture water park

Atlantis is a luxury hotel. Here you will get to experience the beauty, entertainment and there are a lot of amazing places to visit here just like the Bahamas. The Atlantis resort has witnessed great lengths to recreate the fantasy world. The decorations of the place depict the mythical creatures, giant bronze doors and a lot more. The marine habitat of the place is one of the amazing places where you can be. 

Cable beach

There are a lot of resorts that capture a lot of people; however, the iconic stretch of this coastline still manages to attract a lot of visitors. The Soft white sand and the turquoise water is something that we all long for. The clear waters are very safe and amazing for swimming purposes. If you want to enjoy the place then you should surely stay at one of these to create a unique memory of yours.

Blue lagoon island

This is one of the popular places that you can visit here. The place is fun packed and is regarded to be a private island that is around 5 kilometers from Nassau. There are various water sports that you can play here along with the close encounters with various sea lions, and dolphins as well. The marine mammal facility helps you to engage with the dolphins and even interact in the able guidance of the professionals. The day trippers too can enjoy an amazing island where they can witness the palm lined beach, inflatable toys, and much more.

Queen’s staircase

There are 66 steps here and this queen’s staircase was protected by the troops. The place was named after Queen Victoria after a century because she played here role in abolishing slavery.

Visitors can appreciate the amazing construction of the place and they can find a steep staircase here that is now covered with a tropical foliage.

Wildlife conservation center

The Ardastra gardens and the conservation center is set across four acres. They entertain the visitors by marching in. This place is amazing to bring the whole family togetherThe zoo specializes in the conservation of Caribbean species. Children love the place and the spot.

So, you can spend an amazing time here. While booking your tickets, do book them with Delta airlines. This is the best platform for booking your flights. Delta flights booking will not only give you offers but will also help you to enjoy a comfortable trip.

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