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programme for managing ships

The shipping sector has advanced and changed even more recently. One of the most important advancements in the shipping sector is the ship management system. The ship management system monitors and controls vehicle traffic in oceanic and marine zones using cutting-edge technical equipment. Without vessel management, which depends on GPS and other technological devices for display, such as a computer, there may be a myriad of issues with ship and other marine vessel management.

One of the most significant advancements in the shipping industry is ship management software. Ship management software monitors and controls vehicle traffic in marine and maritime areas using highly sophisticated technical equipment. Vessel management, which uses GPS and other tools like a computer for display, has developed into a crucial part of the naval system; without it, there may be a number of problems with ship and other military vessel management.

Software for ship management continuously transmits GPS data. A ship can more easily rely on the accuracy of other ships on the water when its ship management system has GPS. Weather and air pressure variations should have no impact on the GPS. In the event of fog, storms, or gales in the middle of the ocean or sea, this improves the effectiveness of vessel management software.

software for crew management

With crew management software, you can identify qualified employees, find the best crew members, and have access to all the necessary data and reports both onboard and ashore. This programme is designed to assist the entire marine crewing pool’s crewing process. Everything you need to pay your team is also included in the integrated payroll system.

Finding and retaining qualified employees is challenging. As a result, a lot of shipping corporations are taking back control over the crewing processes while still working in conjunction with marine crewing organisations all around the world. Your fleet’s crewing needs are covered by ShipManager’s ship crew management solution, enabling you to fully optimise your crew deployment.

Features Software for crew management GlobalAccessibility

Without installing or configuring additional software, you may link every office in your business to a single system.

strengthened data security

Software and data are kept in two independent, geographically separate datacenters, ensuring customer high availability and data replication. The same level of security is provided through an encrypted SSL connection as with online banking.

Data can be stored indefinitely.

You can keep as much data as you need and share it instantly with employees and offices throughout the world.

Customer service is offered to all clients for free throughout the world, 24 hours a day.

Accounting systems You can connect accounting systems to any outside accounting system to import and exchange financial data as necessary.

Software for crew management has advantages

  • The shipping and maritime industries benefit greatly from crew management software because it trains human resources to perform requirements and appraisals, on-boarding, and vessel database maintenance incredibly quickly, saving money and labour.
  • Keeping and validating certificate-like documents is another duty covered by crew management software.
  • It is straightforward to combine crew management software with other technologies, such as ticketing systems and travel agencies.
  • The management and computation of payrolls are also handled by crew management software, adding to the duty.

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