AllTo Know About Flat Thread Rolling Dies and Thread Rolling Dies

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The rolling industries no wonder use such tools and metals which have tensile strength. The first method involves bringing of such metals. The metals are then kept at such a place wherein using a pusher blade the metals can be moulded or rolled. The  first method of cold-forming threads uses rolling dies for flat threads. The work item is placed into the space used for cold-forming between the two flat dies using a pusher blade in this operation. A single working stroke is then used to produce the thread.

Benefits of Thread rolling:-

It has a number of benefits that attracts the thread rolling dies manufacturers, which include-

● Precision

● Economy

● Durability

● Fine surface polish.

Advantages of Flat die machines:-


Due to its extremely simple usage it is considered as the most useful way out. The easy and clear way to set it up gives it a plus point.


The high amount and price of machines made the customers rethink their choices. In spite of the rising price, the thread dies are considerably cheap and inexpensive in cost. However, certain machines do not require extra maintenance and are so a little high-rated. Flat dies in those cases provide even cheaper alternatives.

Flat dies cost

Extremely less amount in comparison with thread dies or other options. They roll considerably fewer sets. They also require constant and frequent changes of the dies.

Practical option-

Flat die machines and tools are considered as the most practical and logical option and solution for the rolling industries. The reason behind that is those are simpler in setting up and making. The tensile strength is not so less and can be easily used to roll in circular shapes. Hence it gives a great option and alternative for the rolling industries.

Some samples of odd thread forms, like:

● Whitworth

● Coil

● Ball

● Pipe Thread

● Other forms

Useful in Industries-

● Water Control Products

● Power Generation & Transmission

● Railroad

● Mining Equipment

● Construction

● Oil & Gas

● Agriculture

● Machine shops

● Electric motors

● Diesel goods

● Military

● Aerospace.

Working of Rolling dies-

The cold forming procedure known as thread rolling is a procedure or process which includes and comprises the involvement of a rotating blank between a hardened steel dies that have the reverse thread shape, with the outside diameter of the blank being somewhere around the minor and major diameters of the finished thread.

The flat thread rolling dies move outwards and creates a piercing or hole on the blank area. Those give way to the thread roots. The tensile strength of the material shall be very high and hence the sole importance is given on the increase of the tensile strength of the blank surface. To do that the material is placed at a cold place and the metal is cold worked. This in return increases the tensile strength of the material.

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