Astrological Significance of Moonga Gemstone – Know Here!

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The Moonga stone popularly known as the Red coral gemstone is a rare gem. This stone is unique because it is actually found in the depths of water rather than mined from the Earth. The Moonga stone got its name Red Coral from its color and formation. The Moonga gemstone is found in deep red colors. And they are formed from the skeletons of the marine creatures in water bodies. These marine creatures are called coral polyps. Hence the name Red Coral.

The Red coral gemstones are one of the stones which are known to have immense powers. Moonga stones have much significance in astrology, both Indian and Western. But especially in Vedic astrology, the Moonga stone held the utmost importance.

In this article, we will eloquently discuss about the Moonga gemstone and the astrological benefits of this stone.

Importance of the Moonga Stone 

The Moonga stone is a gem that is recommended especially to people who have Mangal Dosh. Mangal Dosh is the negative effects of Mars in one’s birth chart or kundli. And this dosh or these harmful effects can cause harm to you physically, mentally, or financially.

The Mangal Dosh also causes obstacles in your marriage. And hence to remove these adverse effects of Mars from one’s natal chart, Pandits advise wearing an original Moonga stone.

A natural red coral gemstone will not only remove the negative effects of Mars but will also bring you its positiveness. 

Benefits of the Moonga Gemstone 

A red coral gemstone protects the wearer from negative energies is one of the many benefits of the Moonga. The positive energies of the stone will create a positive shield around you which will guard you against harm. Whether it is evil spirits, bad omen, or any evil eye, the stone will protect you from even the negative influence of other people.

Other Moonga Stone benefits are as follows:

  • The stone will bring you luck and fortune. It will attract good vibes to you and assist you in leading a positive life.

  • Natural red coral stone also attracts the nerhies which brings you prosperity and success. These energies help you manifest your goals and work towards them.

  • The stone will expand your mind and will boost your creative thinking skills. It will help you get out-of-the-box ideas as well as get into newer perspectives.

  • Promoting your self-awareness and intuition powers, the stone energies will help you step into the right paths.

  • You will also feel that you are more determined to achieve your goals. You will get strength, self-belief, and self-assurance from the energies of the red coral gemstone.

  • The stone will also bring you serenity and assist in getting better sleep.

  • The Moonga gemstone is also known to give mental clarity to the wearer. The confusion will be removed and you will be able to make decisions with a clear mind.

  • This gemstone will also enlighten you spiritually. It will help you connect with the higher powers of the universe. You will feel more close to the divine powers.

Healing Properties of the Moonga Stone 

The Moonga stone also has many healing properties and has an impact on the physical as well as mental health of the wearer. It is believed that an original moonga gemstone will improve your well-being. The positive energies of the stone will pass through you and heal your body. If you have any injuries the stone will help you heal fast. The stone will increase the energy levels of the person and will boost your endurance levels as well. It will strengthen your heart and cure any problems related to it. The stone will also treat any diseases related to the respiratory system. The red coral will also cure any issues or problems related to your skeletal system or bones.

Mentally, the stone will help you balance your emotions. It will reduce your stress and tension as well as help you get out of depression. It will bring you peace and calmness.


The Red coral gemstone is a stone of powers that can alter your life. This gemstone is a rare stone that is most known to remove the Mangal Dosh from one’s Kundli. This stone is also known to bring confidence and strength to the wearer. It will also give you the courage to face the obstacles of your life and will assist you in achieving your dreams.

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