Exquisite Venetian Plaster For Beautiful Homes

Exquisite Venetian Plaster is used as a term for polished plaster that is available in a range of decorative plaster finishes. The very highly polished plaster carries a very distinctive look of richness and elegance. The Venetian Plaster is used to cover walls and ceilings and leaves a smooth surface that carries a depth and texture.

Living with exquisite Venetian plastered walls is like living with art. The ancient art of plastering has evolved with time and today; it has made a popular comeback in different looks and styles. It is no wonder to see Venetian plaster enjoying an increasing use in both commercial and residential areas. Venetian plaster is used on those surfaces where it is difficult to use real marble such as curved walls, columns, corbels, and more such surfaces. As more and more people get exposed to the exquisite Venetian plaster looks, the more they love it. After all, even designers appreciate the use of natural materials in both indoors and outdoors.

What Is Exquisite Venetian Plaster Made Of?

Typically, Venetian plaster is made of marble dust, marble chips, and slaked lime. The lime-based polished plaster generally carries 40% of marble powder. The putty made from fired limestone is mixed with water to make lime plaster. Thus, lime plaster and Venetian plaster are basically the same, and it is only how the plaster is applied to walls, and it turns to limestone when exposed to the carbon dioxide. Thus, the application is what makes it truly magical. What distinguishes Venetian plaster or lime plaster is how the aggregates are mixed and how they add to the underlying texture and thickness.

The exquisite Venetian plaster is simply loved by the designers as well as homeowners because of the impact and ambiance it creates. It is indeed exhilarating to see the interplay of natural light with the lime plaster on the walls. There is a simultaneous development of glow and warmth within the room that creates the feel of stillness in the space. It is those qualities that make exquisite Venetian plaster a much more attractive choice for developing a minimalist aesthetic.

Venetian Plaster

Working With Exquisite Venetian Plaster

A specialised steel trowel and spatula are used to apply the plaster and what you get is a smooth and stone-like look. The thin layer is further polished to make a protective layer of wax. Marmorino, scagliola, and sgraffito are some of the different techniques used to create the exquisite Venetian plaster look. Today, one can get different looks with the addition of specific colours

Traditionally, skilled craftsmen work with Venetian plaster to create those durable and long-lasting surfaces. Venetian plaster is sold in cans at paint stores just like paint. Although it is advisable to hire a professional to do the task, you can do the job yourself if you think you have the tools and techniques. You will need primer, roller, roller cover, paintbrush, universal colorants along with eye goggles and gloves to apply the exquisite venetian plaster. However, keep in mind that Venetian plaster is different from regular paint, and you may need to hone your skills before you can work with confidence. It is a good idea to practice on rough walls before working on the final project.

Today, the new products for exquisite Venetian plaster in the market are very durable and carry a very low-maintenance. Today there is a wide array of lime plasters that can be easily blended with the rest of the wall or patch a surface. It is possible to get rid of those minor scuffs with the help of mild detergent and a damp cloth.  It is the higher flexibility, more excellent options, and lower maintenance that is making the exquisite Venetian plaster even more popular.

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