Mini Crane: The Synonym of Evolution in The World of Cranes

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Every time you think of hiring a crane, a gigantic machine with a tall neck with a hook hanging at the end. But well that is what medieval age cranes look like. Now, in the 21st century, along with a revolution in technology, there has been a revolution in crane technologies too. Now the cranes are no longer just gigantic. You can have mini crane hires too. As the name goes, mini cranes are small in size that is ideal to work in a confined space. There are cases where the head height of the location is limited or a lightweight crane that can be suspended on a slab is needed, you can get a mini crane hire to work at such locations. Mini cranes are generally known as spider cranes because they look like spiders. These cranes are not given due credit as they are not that popular. So first, let me list down the locations and cases where a mini crane hire is your only option:

  • Confined and restricted operations
  • Tunnel operations
  • Operations in between two floors
  • Rooftop operations
  • Maintenance works of a plant
  • Steel and glass installations
  • Setting up of exhibitions
  • Stone and monument installations
  • Construction of small installations in shopping malls
  • Low weight bearing
  • Stadium or stage set up
  • Agricultural purposes
  • For cemeteries
  • Setting up mechanical workshops
  • In paper mills
  • Cladding work
  • Setting up film sets
  • In food production industries
  • Air condition assistance
  • Railway tracks and waterway creation

Now that almost all the places of applications have been listed, you need to have a detailed idea of why mini crane hire is so beneficial. People are not well aware of the utility of mini cranes and thereby it is not given enough credit. Here is a small list of reasons why mini cranes are so well praised by people who use it.:

1. Mini crane hire enable you to do an inside job: The reason that mini cranes are called spider cranes, is because they can crawl through any interior places. The best thing about mini cranes is the way they can fold up neatly and reduce the space they occupy. If you choose to hire a mini crane, you would be amazed how easily they fit through a standard single doorway. Thus, these cranes can fit inside galleries, universities, museums and so on to set up and arrange heavy pieces that cannot be moved manually.

2. For a mini crane, no place is too high and no man hole is too narrow: This line is literally applicable in case of mini cranes. They are so flexible that its parts can even be taken apart in case there is a need. That is why a mini crane is capable of squeezing itself through the smallest of manholes. The cranes are so agile to be able to reach high locations on buildings.

3. Capability of overcoming the impossible: All the tasks which you cannot even imagine accomplishing with general cranes, can easily be done with a mini crane hire. The spider design provides incredible flexibility and agility and that enables it to operate in apparently impossible locations like slopes, narrow corridors or cramped graveyards.

4. Small only in size: These cranes are small only in size and not in capability to do work. They can accomplish equal quality and quantity of work as a normal crane would. Also, due to their small sizes, they do not block the road or create a huge fuss like huge cranes do. Due to its small size, people often underestimate its capacity to do heavy duty work. But, mark my words, mini cranes never fail you.

With all these abilities, a mini crane never fails to amaze the users with its capabilities. Apart from that, a mini crane hire costs you a lot less than hiring larger cranes would.

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