A Noble Profession to Step Into: Trained Height Safety Experts

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We all have had the experience of climbing up the steps of a high-rise building and looking down, only to have our stomach rolling at the sight. Now, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of workers who are working day and night against ladders and rails of various heights and imagine how much danger they are dealing with. Heights can be one of the most hazardous situations to work in and it is this reason that well-trained height safety experts should always be given utmost importance by employers. In the field of construction and maintenance, these experts and their guidance could create a significant difference in someone’s life and death.

Who are Height Safety Experts?

Height safety experts are specialists in the field of height safety and roof access systems. Well-trained height safety experts are trained civil-engineers who are educated to analyze a work site and come up with a plan that ensures to provide maximum safety to the workers who are working at hazardous sites with devices that require fall protection measures, such as ladders and steps. These specialists work to improve the safety precautions and efficiency of protection in industries. Their major field of work is the construction industry and maintenance, with a special focus on high-rises.

What Kind of Training is Required?

Like all other professions, height safety experts require special training in their field. To ensure the safety of the workers, they too need to understand the hazards that can be involved in the whole process. Height safety experts who are well trained in the field can prove to be a blessing in saving someone’s life. Though it has been a series of unfortunate – in some cases avoidable -accidents and fatalities, more and more focus is being given to height safety of workers. There are many training programs that are being introduced by the government and other industrial organizations to follow the safety guidelines that are of utmost importance.

What are They Responsible for?

A part of a well-trained height safety expert’s job is to take care of the following parameters:

  • The use of railings at greater heights is the best way to ensure passive protection, which makes it easier for workers to be safe without any extra use of equipment.
  • Choice of Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) and the associated equipment that has to be used by the workers to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • Analysis of the building and other factors involving the equipment that needs to meet the official safety guidelines to start a project.

Why Go into this Profession?

There are many people who have a passion for construction work and being associated with building projects can be a dream come true for them. They mainly choose civil engineering or architecture subject to go into a field like this. But if you become a well-trained height safety expert, you willhave the privilege of being responsible for an ultimate factor of saving lives of people by minimizing their risks involved while working on the edge to create something beautiful. With all-round training programs and practical experience, this profession becomes a really noble one to step into – one that can be rewarding for the rest of one’s life.

We are often not aware of the hazards that construction workers put themselves through. They are in fact building structures that will be used by common people for years to come. It should be the most important responsibility of the employers to hire well-trained height safety experts who will efficiently manage and ensure the safety of the workers.

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