Top Rooftop Restaurants in Singapore: A Guide

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Welcome, foodies and travelers, to an exhilarating gastronomy trip high above Singapore’s busy streets! Today, we’ll dive into the wonderful world of rooftop restaurants in Singapore, which not only provide exquisite cuisine but also provide spectacular views of the city skyline. So, let’s begin on this gastronomic expedition into Singapore tours and discover Singapore’s must-visit rooftop eating locations!

Rooftop Restaurants in Singapore: A Taste of Elevation

Singapore is known for its dynamic eating scene, and rooftop restaurants in Singapore here take it to a whole new level – literally! From romantic candle-lit meals to informal gatherings with friends, these restaurants provide the ideal combination of delectable cuisine and breathtaking cityscapes.

The Artemis Grill

Artemis Grill, located on the 40th level of the Capital Green skyscraper in central Singapore, is a highly fashionable place ideal for both rooftop dining and beverages.

What distinguishes Artemis rooftop bar in Singapore is its elegant and cozy ambiance, which, along with excellent service, makes it ideal for a weekday work lunch, a romantic/special occasion supper, or delicious cocktails and snacks in between. 

The excellent and delicious meal is supplemented by an equally excellent Singapore tour menu. There is a huge assortment of wines, artisan beers, and well-crafted mixology drinks.

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CÈ LA VI in Singapore

CE LA VI, perched atop the famed Marina Bay Sands, is noted for both its fun and memorable moniker, as well as its outstanding menu of cuisine and drinks.

This 57th-story venue is divided into two sections: a rooftop bar in Singapore and a sky deck club lounge. They provide breathtaking 360-degree views of the Singapore skyline, Gardens by the Bay, and the water.

While the SkyBar and Club Lounge remain open late into the night for cocktails, snacks, and party vibes, the C LA VI rooftop restaurant is “only” available for lunch/brunch and supper.

The menu features modern Asian cuisine, ranging from Sushi and Sashimi to major courses from both land and sea. Such as ‘Smoked Black Cod’ or ‘David Blackmore’s Wagyu Beef’.


LeVeL33 in Singapore

This artisan microbrewery and restaurant provides its customers with a wonderful blend of craft brews, fine food, and panoramic views. It is situated in the Financial District of Marina Bay. 

It serves contemporary European food and a dining menu designed to complement its classic European beer formulas, which are created under the supervision of a full-time German-trained brewmaster. The expansive balcony with restaurants in Singapore provides an uninterrupted view of the Marina Bay sector and the CBD skyline.

Singapore with Rooftop Dining: A Match Made in Heaven

Rooftop Dining in Singapore

Singapore has a plethora of attractions, and combining a city tour with an unforgettable rooftop restaurant meal is the best way to maximize your time there. While reveling in the rooftop treats, here are some must-see spots to visit.

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1. The Bay Gardens

Begin your day with a visit to Gardens by the Bay, a botanical wonderland displaying the finest of Singapore’s flora and animals. Visit the breathtaking Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, as well as the famed Supertree Grove. After taking in the natural splendor, travel to one of the local rooftop eateries for a refreshing supper in the midst of the urban jungle.

2. SkyPark in Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Singapore SkyPark is a recognizable landmark that provides unparalleled views of Singapore’s skyline. Take an overview of this architectural masterpiece and take photos of the city below. After that, treat yourself to an exceptional dinner adventure at one of the complex’s rooftop restaurants, where you can enjoy both gourmet cuisine and spectacular views.

3. Little India and Chinatown

A tour of Chinatown and Little India will immerse you in Singapore’s rich cultural heritage. Discover vibrant temples, busy marketplaces, and a delectable selection of local street cuisine. After you’ve seen the cultural sites, travel to places to visit in Singapore for an original viewpoint on these dynamic neighborhoods, all while enjoying a wonderful fusion meal.


Singapore’s rooftop restaurants provide a dining experience unlike any other, mixing delectable cuisine with breathtaking views of the city. These rooftop jewels mentioned in this Singapore travel guide are not to be missed! Whether you’re a local searching for a memorable night out or a traveler looking for a unique experience.

So, add these must-see eateries to your list of places to visit in Singapore and let your taste buds and senses soar to new heights! Make reservations ahead of time, since these popular places tend to fill up quickly. Enjoy your gastronomic excursion, and might your time here in Singapore be full of delectable memories and exciting activities?

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